2009 Brussels Gathering Documentation

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We had many sessions. We agreed we want to gather and share out highlights and learnings from these sessions. This page is to organize and link to those outputs. Some are on this wiki, some are on other sites. If you have Huddle notes, Open Space Session notes or other artifacts, please either link to them or create pages here on the wiki and link those pages on to this index page. Thanks!

Photos, Audio and Videos

Would someone like to track down the videos and audios and link them here?

Huddle Reports

Wed Afternoon Tech/Social Reporting Notes

Open Space Reports

The graphic of the marketplace wall can be found here To create your discussion report, check below to see if it is already listed. If not, click on "Edit this Page", and add double square brackets around your Discussion Report name.

Please copy and paste the text in this template into your Discussion Report. If you would like some support, see Lucie, Nancy, or your most familiar "KM4Dev oldtimer"

Francophone discussions

On 5 October, two discussions in French took place: