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About KM4Dev related Events

This is you entry point to events organized by KM4Dev and/or by it's partners, relevant to what KM4Dev is all about. This entry point "Events" is also a new menu item in the left-hand side column. We intend to provide access to documents and links to further info produced in the context of events. Events listed in a chronological order, with the most recent / future ones on top. As this section of the wiki is new (created in January 2017), it will take some time before the repository becomes comprehensive. Anyone willing to assist is invited to contact Peter J. Bury or other KM4Dev Coregroup members through

Chronology of KM4Dev related Events

KM4Dev April 6-7 2017 Seattle, Washington STATE, USA

Nancy White and friends are organizing a KM4Dev event with Communities of Practice as a central theme in Seattle on 6-7 April 2017. Here are the details: KM4Dev Seattle 2017

K4D 2017 Geneva Conference

The KM4Dev2017Geneva day on April 2nd 2017 (see event below), will be followed by the Knowledge for Development, Global Partnership Conference held in the Palais des Nations, E-Building, room XXIV 3-4 April 2017. All the details on this page K4D2017Geneva.

KM4Dev 2017 Geneva

Andreas Brandner, Sarah Cummings, Peter J. Bury and friends are proposing a KM4Dev event the day before and in synergy with the Knowledge for Development: Global Partnership Conference 2017 in Geneva from 3-4 April 2017, see: K4D2017Geneva. The KM4Dev day is scheduled for Sunday 2 April. All information about the Sunday April 2nd day can be found here KM4Dev2017Geneva.

KM4Dev 2016 Vienna

The KM4Dev 2016 day was organized at the end of a number of Knowledge for Development Summits held in Vienna in October 2016, organized by Knowledge Management Austria (KM-A) and partners.

Sources of information about other events

There are several sources which provide information on upcoming Knowledge Management events, such as conferences, workshops, etc.

KM4Dev Ning Events list: (Click here for RSS Feed) This is the events list every KM4Dev member is encouranged to post events which could be of interest to the KM4Dev community. In addition, some organizations and websites as well as individual KM colleagues are maintaining their own list of KM events:

David Gurteen's list of Annual KM Conferences

David Gurteen's list of specific KM Events

Straitsknowledge Blog


Yahoo Upcoming KM Events

The KNOW Network

The Knowledge Board

The KMWorld Magazine

Knowledge Management Education Hub (KMeduHub)

APQC Knowledge Base;jsessionid=YUZ1TQZBDITLXQFIAJNCFEQ?paf_dm=shared&paf_gear_id=calendargearhome&sharedMonthYear=null&zoneOffset=300

Stand Garfield's List of KM Conferences

Curtis Conley's List of KM Conferences

SocialMediaBIZ - Calendar of Social Media Conferences