KM4Dev Members on Twitter

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To add your name to the list, go to your profile page and add your Twitter username there.

Name Twitter
Abby Clobridge aclobridge
Abdul Rahman Ilyas Arilyas
Antonella Pastore ictkm
Benedict Abraham vilyar96
Beverly Trayner bevtrayner
Bruce Kisitu brucekisitu
Carl Jackson carl_wkg
Davide Piga pdavide
Dilipsing Bayas dilipbayas
Ewen Le Borgne ewenlb
Gauri Salokhe gaurisalokhe
Grunewald thought4dev
Howard Silverman S4Pattern
Ian Thorpe ithorpe
Jaap Pels Pels
Johannes Schunter jschunter
John David Smith smithjd
Joric Maglanque joric_m
Maarten Boers maartenboers
Nadia von Holzen @Nanadia
Nancy White NancyWhite
Pete Cranston petecranston
Peter J Bury @profbury
Peter Shelton pbrolley
Petr Kosina clobrda
Roxanna Samii rsamii
Simone Staiger simonestaiger

Also check out an old manual list of KM4Dev Twitterers. Some are yet to be imported in the new system:

Finally, you can read a KM4Dev Discussion about Twitter.