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The KM4Dev Core Group - km4devcoregroup[AT] - is an active group within the KM4Dev community (see the current list of Core Group Members) that de-facto manages or at least facilitates/steers the community. The Core Group supports the community in a number of ways, e.g. it:

  • organizes management of the community's various platforms and channels;
  • addresses technical issues (around the communication channels used at KM4Dev) and promotes technology stewardship (read more about this below);
  • as part of that it organizes the monthly rotating facilitation of community channels (dGroup; Ning; Wiki), see the Doodle we use for planning;
  • provides ideas and suggestions to host KM4Dev face-to-face events (or at least helps members register their interest and stand out to organize these events);
  • strategizes and secures funding modalities;
  • tries to organize information for new KM4Dev members so they can find their way through the maze of an ever growing and ever more complex network.

The Core Group meets at least 2-3 times per year (virtually), and piggybacks on face-to-face events when possible. In case of emergencies or when members feel like it, they call up other core group meetings. All core group meetings are in principle recorded and available, transparently: read these KM4Dev Core Group meeting notes.

Since 2011 the Core Group can also appeal to a supporting voluntary group of other KM4Dev members.

The Core Group has a Technology Stewardship responsibility to ensure that KM4Dev's ICT platforms provide the conducive environment for the community to thrive. In the past this responsibility was delegated to a Technology Assessment or Advisory Group (TAG). Currently (end 2013) this group is not operational and the creation of a proposed Technology Stewardship Group (TSGroup) (see CTL Lab documentation) has not yet been endorsed and created. An entry point to technology related documentation can be found in the [KM4Dev Technology Assessment Group Work Area]].

What does it entail to be a core group member

Formally: Core group members make themselves available for two to three days per year for core group work, are expected to participate to the core group meetings if they are available, and to volunteer for some tasks that come up. There is no formal accountability mechanism, although core group members that were collectively considered as 'not involved' have occasionally been invited to step down. More often than not, members that felt they could not provide sufficient attention have stepped down from themselves.

Informally: Most core group members usually spend a bit more time than the 2-3 days every year. On the other hand, they all get to know KM4Dev intimately, to hone some community facilitation, leadership, technology stewardship and group facilitation skills, and they make lasting relationships with other enthusiastic, capable and knowledgeable KM4Dev members. They also get a much better understanding of where to find what information and how to connect with each other (who to contact about what).

What if you want to join the core group?

There is currently no precise process to join the Core Group.

There are however excellent ideas about core group transition management in this page prepared by Jasmin Suministrado and Benedict Rimando, as well as in this conversation summary about rotating leadership in the community.

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