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Original Message

From: Christian Kreutz, posted on 2008/07/24

Attention: Another web2.0 tool! :-)

Dear all,

on the recent KM4DEV event we talked about twitter, a micro-blogging tool and another way to collaborate on a daily base online. Essential it offers another way for KM4DEV members to help each other. It is like Skype chat but directed to a whole community. Twitter is perfect to exchange quickly information, to use synergies and discuss. Personally I had an incredible experience so far to connect with people online to share and learn. I reached the network size that I basically always get at least one answer when I ask something. Best it works as a pull-method so you decide when to engage.

Curious? Try it out and be sure to connect to the existing KM4DEV Twitterers.

As usual there is another explain it in plain English Twitter in Plain English

Here is a list of who is already part of it from KM4DEV, which we could put on the KM4DEV wiki. (Each account can be protected for private use only!)

Nancy White has an excellent Wiki with collaboration stories through Twitter. Newbies guide to Twitter. I listed 10 reasons why Twitter makes a difference.


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Luca Servo
Simone Staiger

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