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About Bruce Kisitu

I am a consultant in ICT innovations for rural development with 8 years of leadership and professional experience in planning and implementing development programs/projects geared towards ICT4D, poverty reduction and economic growth targeting vulnerable and marginalized segments.

I have worked as project manager for the DFID Uganda funded rural farmer/extension information exchange project Marketplace for Agricultural Information and Services, Research into Use (RIU) funded Rwanda National Agricultural Innovation network. I was team leader in testing and implementing Food and Agricultural Organization, FAO's Technologies for Agriculture (TECA) in Uganda and played the role of TECA Uganda Exchange Group Facilitator.

I have consulted with International Fertilizer Development Center, IFDC, coordinated as well as being part of the core implementation team for the pilot project which was helping farmers identify counterfeit agro chemicals using SMS on their mobile phones.

Specialties: Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Program Design, Program Management, Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation, Mobile Technology, Gender in Development, Technology for rural development, Negotiation, Public Private Partnerships, nurturing teams to high performance, Knowledge management

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