Pathways to involvement and leadership

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There are many ways to participate in KM4Dev -- and many ways to contribute. Each member finds their way, but the following is provided as a way to imagine your pathway. What would work for you?

Steps in life cycle of a KM4Dev community member (a mostly Dgroup-centric view)
Step Activity / question / challenge
Follow a discussion How does discussion match my experience? Why is this discussion useful to other people?
Ask your question
Answer a question What have you seen work (or not) in your projects or country?
Spot great resources and share them Share via Twitter, Dgroups, etc.
Update your profile on KM4D and D-Groups Add a photograph, your location and other details on your profile
Find out which members have the same interests as you, or live near you Identify connections in your local area or organizations that are “nearby” so you could meet up face to face.
Summarize a discussion thread on the wiki Request a wiki account. watch the video explaining how to do a summary; gather emails; summarize the main points; let people know what you've done.
be the moderator for a month (watch what's going on)
Organize a focused conversation
Help integrate KM4Dev activity and information Notice activity on one platform that may not be visible on one of the others (Dgroups discussion vs. Ning vs. Wiki) and create links between the platforms.
Organize / Attend a local f2f meet-up (lunch or coffee) Impetus for this could come as part of a month of local KM4D f2f meets ups around the world to get it started.
Attend a f2f meeting
Help organize (a part of) the f2f meeting
Develop and share community knowledge Write a piece for the KM4Dev Journal -- based on your own work, KM4Dev activities or discussions or ... ?
join the leadership team
Invent another way to contribute

Additional practices:

  • Write about your work on a blog or on Twitter and register it here on this Wiki
  • Download a form that states that you are requesting an hour a week for three months to help KM4Dev; take it to your boss have him sign it and publish it on the KM4Dev wiki.