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Abby Clobridge +Managing Director & Consultant  +
Abdul Rahman Ilyas +CEO  +
Adrian Samuels +Data Retention Officer  +
Alain Berger +General Manager  +, Co-Founder  +
Alexia Hetzel +Knowledge Management  +
Allison Hewlitt +Consultant  +
Amy Barbor +Co-founder  +
Ana Maria Currea +Knowledge Management Facilitator  +
Ana Maria Ponce +Former Executive Director  +
Angelica Barlis +Communication Specialist  +
Ann Hendrix-Jenkins +Director  +
Antonella Pastore +CGXchange Project Coordinator  +
Arwen Bailey +Knowledge Sharing Specialist  +


Benedict Abraham +CEO  +
Benjamin Kumpf +Knowledge Management Analyst  +
Bruce Kisitu +Partner Development  +


Carl Jackson +Director  +
Catherine Mumbi +Regional Communications and Advocacy Officer  +
Charles Dhewa +Knowledge Sharing and Communication Specialist  +
Chris Burman +PHD  +
Chris Zielinski +Visiting Fellow  +
Curt Wellington +Faculty/Consultant  +


Daan Boom +Knowledge Manager  +
Dave Snowden +Founder and CSO  +
Davide Piga +Knowledge Coordinator  +
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