KM4Dev Futures: Focused Conversations 2014

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Part of the IFAD funded studies about KM4Dev Futures is a series of conversations about each of the contributions. The goal is to unpack some of the issues, bring in additional perspectives, and think together about the implications of each contribution.

A facilitator is being recruited for each conversation to pose an opening question at the beginning, to nudge the conversation forward a couple of times if necessary, and then, ideally, to collect contributions in this wiki under Discussions. A summary would be a marvelous contribution. By having a bit of light facilitation, the individual contributors will be free to respond to questions, participate in a debate, and be able to count on someone else being there during their period in the spotlight.

Here is a working schedule for times and other details:

Author(s) Posted Contribution Start Date Facilitator Discussion summary
Charles Dhewa KM4Dev Futures: Charles Dhewa Journey with KM4Dev 17-Jan John David Smith Discussion
Melissa Bator KM4Dev Futures: Interviews with Current Members 31-Jan Jasmin Suministrado Discussion
Jasmin Suministrado and Benedict Rimando KM4Dev Futures: Ideas for improving Core Group succession management 14-Feb Carl Jackson and Ewen Le Borgne Discussion
John Akude KM4DevFutures: Toward greater advocacy 28-Feb Philipp Grunewald Discussion
Narcisse Mbunzama KM4DevFutures: To Improve KM4Dev Existing Infrastructure 14-Mar Pete Cranston Discussion
Camilo Villa KM4DevFutures: The Case of SIWA: a failed Spanish KM4Dev community 28-Mar Ana Maria Ponce Discussion