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Managing growth and diversity: expanding km4dev’s reach through advocacy -

A contribution to the IFAD sponsored study “augmenting km4dev strategy options

John Emeka Akude  
Senior Researcher 
German Development Institute
Tulpenfeld 6, 53113 Bonn, 

KM4Dev has been growing stronger and bigger since its inception. One of its primary lifelines is its sole dedication to the interests and demands of its members aimed at facilitating their assignments at their places of work. For this purpose, a loose leadership structure was adequate. However, since it has grown so big, the existing structure and self-conception may have to face and adapt to new challenges. KM4Dev should see these challenges and the reactions to them as part of a process of waxing stronger. It is about time KM4Dev became more altruistic by taking on more complex issues in the interest of global development generally. This is moreso urgent as taking up such issues will further contribute to improving the working conditions of its members in their separate organizations. It should also adopt positions on issues of global importance and push those positions. Consequently, it has become appropriate to align its leadership, structure and objectives to its increasing number and strength. It is believed that the implementation of most of the suggestions contained in this contribution will go a long way in managing the growth and expansion of that CoP.

Full text here: File:Akude-ContributiontoIFADstudy-v3.docx PDF here: File:Akude-towards advocacy.pdf