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From: Johannes Schunter, posted on 2010/02/23

Hi all,

I frequently have the problem that I find out about interesting development-related KM events, conferences or workshops only a few weeks before. Unfortunately, then it's mostly too late to negotiate with my office and supervisors that I go to the respective event, as my office requires a more long-term planning.

Do you think we as KM4Dev group can come up with a mechanism in which we collect the upcoming KM events of the next 12 months that we know of, so we can all stay more updated on what is about to come? There is a nice events feature in the KM4dev Ning site, but it only features very few events so far.

Maybe we could launch a concentrated exercise every 6 months in which we enter all the interesting events (not necessarily only those which we organize) we know of? If you send your event suggestions through this list by email, I would even be happy to consolidate your contributions and enter them into our Ning calendar.

Looking forward to your opinion/input... :)




All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Johannes Schunter
Jaap Pels
Ian Thorpe
Bobby Olarte
Brad Hinton
Lucie Lamoureux
Dave Snowden
David Gurteen
Ewen Le Borgne
Sony Arianto Kurniawan
Miguel Saravia
Judith Henderson

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Summary prepared, with thanks, by Johannes Schunter.

There are several sources which provide information on upcoming Knowledge Management events, such as conferences, workshops, etc.

KM4Dev Ning Events list (Click here for RSS Feed): This is the events list every KM4Dev member is encouranged to post events which could be of interest to the KM4Dev community.

In addition, some organizations and websites as well as individual KM colleagues are maintaining their own list of KM events: