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From: Brad Hinton, posted on 2010/02/23

I think there is a great opportunity to use the KM4dev network and the other professional networks of KM4dev members to alert us to upcoming KM events and conferences.

The challenge is how to organise this - is it by individual email alerts; the risks being cross-postings and an even greater email volumes, or a centralised web page that we can access and perhaps get alerts using RSS?

Or perhaps we could have a wiki page on KM4dev where members can upload conference alerts and the conferences could be organised in date order?

The other thing I'd like to see is to get a summary or some feedback from people who have attended a KM/development conference and *how it made a difference to the person when going back to the workplace*. To me, attending a conference is only part of the journey- what you do afterwards with the knowledge/learning/experience/contacts is just as important.

Whatever the case, it would be good for our distributed intelligence to be used for conference alerts and conference "impact statements" without adding to the workload of the KM4dev administrators!


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