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Johannes Schunter, 2010/2/23

Hi all,

I frequently have the problem that I find out about interesting development-related KM events, conferences or workshops only a few weeks before. Unfortunately, then it's mostly too late to negotiate with my office and supervisors that I go to the respective event, as my office requires a more long-term planning.

Do you think we as KM4Dev group can come up with a mechanism in which we collect the upcoming KM events of the next 12 months that we know of, so we can all stay more updated on what is about to come? There is a nice events feature in the KM4dev Ning site, but it only features very few events so far.

Maybe we could launch a concentrated exercise every 6 months in which we enter all the interesting events (not necessarily only those which we organize) we know of? If you send your event suggestions through this list by email, I would even be happy to consolidate your contributions and enter them into our Ning calendar.

Looking forward to your opinion/input... :)



Jaap Pels, 2010/2/24

Good idea. Let's publish events on the KM4Dev Ning.

Ian Thorpe, 2010/2/24

Sounds like a great idea. I only found out about Web4Dev last week - by which time it was even too late to think about participating remotely.

Here's the details I found on Web4Dev taking place at the end of this week in Brasilia, hosted by UNESCO:

The sixth annual Web4Dev conference will take place on the 25th and 26th of February. For those of you that are not traveling to Brasilia for Web4Dev 2010, it will be possible to follow the event via webcast thanks to the partnership with the Padre Anchieta Foundation and TV Cultura.Starting at 9:00 (Brasilia time) on the 25th of February, Web4Dev 2010 will be transmitted live through the following website: you can follow all the discussions and even participate remotely (by sending questions and comments) throughout the event.

For more information on the event go here (although it seems you have to join the site to get more detailed information).



Bobby Olarte, 2010/2/24

Excellent suggestion, Johannes. Now that you volunteered to consolidate and enter them into our Ning calendar, let me mention this one:

ENTERPRISE SEARCH SUMMIT delivers the skills and knowledge you need to implement, manage, and enhance search in your organization. May 11-12, 2010 (Preconference Workshops: Monday, May 10) Hilton New York - New York, NY

I am not involved in this event and I merely received the invitation but I find it very interesting and relevant.

Best regards,


Brad Hinton, 2010/2/24


Thanks for sharing.

I think there is a great opportunity to use the KM4dev network and the other professional networks of KM4dev members to alert us to upcoming KM events and conferences.

The challenge is how to organise this - is it by individual email alerts; the risks being cross-postings and an even greater email volumes, or a centralised web page that we can access and perhaps get alerts using RSS?

Or perhaps we could have a wiki page on KM4dev where members can upload conference alerts and the conferences could be organised in date order?

The other thing I'd like to see is to get a summary or some feedback from people who have attended a KM/development conference and *how it made a difference to the person when going back to the workplace*. To me, attending a conference is only part of the journey- what you do afterwards with the knowledge/learning/experience/contacts is just as important.

Whatever the case, it would be good for our distributed intelligence to be used for conference alerts and conference "impact statements" without adding to the workload of the KM4dev administrators!


Brad Hinton Manager | Thematic Knowledge Services |AusAID

Lucie Lamoureux, 2010/2/24

Hi Brad,

One of the KM4dev admins here! The beauty of Ning is that anyone can go and add an event and it's a very easy thing to do:

There is a little RSS feed button for those who would like to receive them as they are posted.

As for the summarizing, it is possible to add comments on the event page on Ning, though once the event is passed, it would be harder to find. I've created a wiki page called "Knowledge management workshops, events and conferences".

Perhaps people could post their thoughts and takeaways from events in this spot and then alert members on the discussion list?

You can find this page under "Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing in General".

I know it tends to get a bit complex given our multiple tools. But I would really support using the Ning calendar to aggregate events, the wiki for the learning FROM said events and the list to alert people to the wiki entry. Would this work for you, Brad?

Best, Lucie

Brad Hinton, 2010/2/24


Thanks for that. Ning is fine. Just suggesting a single place to go for conference and event information and where the contributions are made by the network members, not the administrators only.

As to the "conference impact analysis" idea, I really think this is something important. Many times people attend conferences and get all enthused about possibilities but then the reality of the workplace hits them. How can we take or adapt what we hear from good conferences into our workplace setting and what difference will it make. What are the practical steps and outcomes in our workplace as a consequence of attending a conference (can be an actual presentation or just a comment from a person in the corridor or over lunch).

The other benefit is the next time one asks to attend an expensive conference, a previous "conference impact analysis" report will provide the evidence as to value.

I'd be interested in hearing what other people think about this "conference impact analysis" idea - either here on the list, or directly.

regards, Brad Hinton

Dave Snowden, 2010/2/25

Have you guys thought about talking with David Gurteen? He already maintains a list of all KM events and would (I think) happily act as a clearing house

Dave Snowden Founder & Chief Scientific Officer Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd

David Gurteen, 2010/2/24

Hi Johannes

One resource is my website, see:

Annual KM Conferences

Specific KM Events

My email alerts let you know about events as soon as I do which is often the same time as they are initially announced :-)

best wishes David

David GURTEEN Gurteen Knowledge Fleet, United Kingdom

Ewen Le Borgne, 2010/2/25

Hi Brad, all,

Like others I think it's a great idea to list all relevant KM for dev events on the KM4DEV Ning calendar (, looking at our own 'insider information as well as at various sites that are listing various KM events (thank you David for mentioning, your site is a crucial resource here!). In addition, perhaps the techies among us (and particularly KM admins) could look into creating a simple RSS feed for these events so we can be updated in simple ways through RSS/emails.

And finally I agree strongly with you Brad, that it would be excellent if we could have a small report / series of impressions (doesn't have to be long - in fact better short) about the value and happenings of these events. The blog function on KM4DEV's Ning group is perfect for this (add content [top right hand corner], select blog post) although anyone is free to do it the way they want.

At a meta level, and this could perhaps be a topic for IKM-Emergent to look into, if we had those impressions about a number of events over time, we could probably draw out some patterns of discourse and practice that would give us an indication of where our field (KM for development) is moving onto and what are the trends, buzzes, fads and promises that animate our community - a crucial indication of where our collective efforts could focus on to encourage what we see as positive developments, to dim those we may not agree with and more than anything to discuss these issues among ourselves to unpack them further and realise how we can use this information.

Thank you Johannes for initiating this great train of thoughts and ideas! Cheers,


Sony Arianto Kurniawan, 2010/2/25

Hi Ewen, The RSS on Events already there, see at

Best regards, -- Sony AK Technical Evangelist Sony AK Knowledge Center

Judith Henderson, 2010/2/25

What would also be great (but a labour of love I know) would be some form of report back or at least links to proceedings (when they appear) etc. for those of us at the far ends of the world unable to attend all these fantastic events.


HELIOS cc Henderson Library and Information Services Windhoek Namibia

Johannes Schunter, 2010/2/26

Hi all,

Thanks so much for your contributions!

It would indeed be great if everyone who comes across an event which could be of interest to the community could post this on the KM4Dev Ning site:

I’ve also summarized (quick & dirty) the list of events resources in a new page on our wiki: Upcoming Knowledge Management Events. Please feel free to add if you know of any additional websites which maintain listings of upcoming KM events.

Finally, I think David Gurteen’s list of events is really great. David, is there any way you could provide an RSS feed just for your events and conferences, so we could put a Yahoo Pipe together with other RSS feeds (like the one on KM4Dev) into one consolidated RSS feed on KM events? That would be great!



David Gurteen, 2010/2/26

Hi Johannes

I have a large number of RSS feed for my material including several for events see :-)

best wishes David

David GURTEEN Gurteen Knowledge Fleet, United Kingdom

David Gurteen, 2010/2/26

Here is a list of all the KM event calendars that I am aware of

best wishes David

Miguel Saravia, 2010/3/3

Dear all,

Here you have another list of Global KM events:



Miguel Saravia Director Ejecutivo Consorcio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Ecorregión Andina

Johannes Schunter, 2010/2/23

Thanks Miguel,

Added this to the KM4Dev wiki as well: Upcoming Knowledge Management Events