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Theme: Vision. Space of possibilities, space to dream. Is there a tension between having a vision and experimenting? Peace. Inspirational direction.

Participants: Jaap Pels, Melaina Barnes, Sarah Cummings, Alim Khan, Camilo Villa, Catherine Fisher.

Question(s): How can we develop compelling maps to the future, working from a known past and present? How can we find out where we should go? Back to the future: Hoe does the past relate to a vision? -> post-justification analysis -> feed lessons into the future. Do we have a known past and present? Do we understand it? How do you break out of the future? "A reasonable man adapts to the world, it takes an unreasonable man to change it."

Keywords: strategies, planning, process reengineering, serendipity, complexity theory, ambiguity, creativity, imagination, inspiration, plan, participatory approaches, emergence.

KS Approaches: scenario building, appreciative inquiry (anti SWOT, looking at the positive side), future story, trend analysis (can be in form of a paper, anti-future story, histories, organizational development tools, goal directed, brainstorming, mind map,