Skype Voice Meeting 17.09.09

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Present: Riff (facilitating), John, Lucie, Nancy, Samir and Sophie

1. Update on lines of communication (for huddles, participants, etc.) [LL, NW, all] (includes what should be communicated, to whom, and who will do it]

a) Nancy sent technology decoder to KM4dev 2009 Dgroup (

  • Action: need to re-send with welcome email on Sept 22 to each individual address
  • Action: Nancy to move registration to other page this weekend (and keep the link alive until Monday)

b) Lucie's update on huddles

  • The Josiens (Josien Kapma and Josine Strammelaar) are throwing a new spin on respectively the local economic development and the cross-fertilization huddles:

UPDATE by JK: in the mean time John Smith said he would like to co-lead local dev'mnt with me. This is his and my info: "Connect to your neighbour -over the web! ~Re-thinking local development -with online tools" Questions to explore: Is there an increasing geo-localization of online connections and communities? How may online tools be able to support local communities (neighbourhoods, regions) in -socio-economic- development? Why is progress so slow (if it is). Why is this a difficult subject? (which it is).

    • Josien K: "What I meant when indicating this theme is the increasing geo-localization of online connections and communities. (see suggested text above)
    • Josine S: "Development cooperation is in urgent need of critical reflection, new ideas and the joining of forces. Cooperation across the different domains of academia, practice and policy can contribute to comprehending the complexity of development and intervening effectively. Academic-practitioner collaboration for instance has enormous potential. Academic knowledge offers a broader conceptual understanding of the issues at hand. Practitioners’ knowledge and experiences provide new insights into which concrete initiatives best contribute to or fail in development practice. However, cooperation across domains is also challenging: it is not natural or easy. So the main question in this workshop is: how can we foster more structural cooperation between academics, practitioners, policy makers? Based on a reflection of recent developments and efforts in this field, we will jointly search for solutions".

The descriptions will be included in the huddle descriptions that will be sent to participants in a welcome message.

  • Climate change huddle: Dhurjati is no longer coming and Carl is away for a month so the huddle is currently leadless. UPDATE from 18/09: Message from Carl: "I'm on holiday leave but am happy to co-lead the climate change huddle. I'm editing the wiki page and will get a message out to the participants.When would be a good time to do that - early next week?"
  • HIV/AIDS: leadless for now
  • Social media: Pier Andrea of Euforic have been approached to lead (Rosien to get back to Lucie)
  • Other huddles:
    • Agriculture (Peter Ballantyne and Gauri Salokhe)
    • WASH (Peter Bury)
    • Gender (Rosien Herweijer/Sophie Treinen)
    • Education and Learning (Nancy White)
  • Action: send out huddle info in message, ask people to sign up on wiki
  • Action: Riff to draft message, the draft of which is here: Draft KM4Dev 2009 Welcome Message

2.Logistics - Review of list of materials, what will be at the venue, who is bringing what [All]

See this page Workshop 09 Materials_List for a more extensive list.

  • Venue has 8 flipcharts, flipchart paper, makers, a beamer, 5 power bars with 3 or for plugs in each
  • Action: Lucie can bring a beamer, extra makers, post-its, sticky dots and name tags
  • Action: Nancy to contact Virginie to bring big paper for walls (email sent)
  • Action: Ewen (from email) will be bringing a facilitation box with markers, papers, glue, scissors, etc.

3. Getting to know each other (ie. using the Monday aft/eve and Tuesday morning to introduce the community to newcomers, 'discover' the diversity of the community, get a feeling for what workshop participants are bringing to the event)[NW, RF, all]. For developing thoughts on how to organise this, see the Morning Plenary Planning Page

4. Weaving dialogues, reflections, outputs together [All] (includes: inter-group sessions, storytelling/gathering, reporting out)

From Sept 7 wiki notes: Here is the list of 'common questions' suggested for the huddles:

Peter: the questions are asked because we expect huddles to document on those and share them in an ongoing updated way throughout the event, right? (Ewen: I think so - to discuss?)

   * What are the top 3-5 questions/ideas you are discussing? 

Peter: ...and what would you like to learn / share from other huddles?

   * Are there any projects/case studies/examples you are looking at that illustrate an interesting application of KM tools, approaches, methodologies in XXX? (ie. the huddle topic). If yes, could anyone tell a story of how things happened (e.g., turning points, learning moments, significant challenges, decision points), either in a short blog, email or video/audio format?
   * (Ewen) In line with this we might want to add one question on specific trends and challenges that are affecting their sector and for which KM/KS could have a positive impact?) 

Peter: I suppose during the inter-huddling moments? I would also ask for experience with approaches, methods, tools for KS/KM in the specific topic huddles.

   * Have you identified what you think may be factors/ideas which are specific to your topic area? Any you think may be more or less universal? 

Peter: simplify the question and ask huddlefacilitators to share 'universal' and 'probably huddlespecific' KS/KM issues.

   * How do you think what you are talking about in your huddle might relate to other huddles? (Added by Nancy) 

Peter: i would be interested in any experiences with inter-lingual experiences with KS/KM learning/sharing: what works, what doesn't, cost/benefit. And... ever come about methods in one language that don't or do work in other languages? E.g. are some methods language/culture specific?

  • John suggested: who is missing, can you help us to make the connection?

5. General workshop agenda

  • Action: Riff and Lucie to have a call tomorrow to communicate to participants
  • Will re-work agenda online