September Message about Skype call to the km4dev TAG group

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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: September 17, 2008 2:21:10 AM GMT-04:00
Subject: km4dev TAG Skype Call - End of Next Week?

Dear TAG,

I've talked to a few people who were interested in the idea of having a Skype conference call towards the end of next week (week of September 22nd)? Are people interested to have a Skype call to go over progress to date, discuss technology ideas, suggest some recommendations, among other proposed topics? The thinking here is this could be a quicker and lively way to share some thoughts and ideas together.

If there are enough people who think this would be a good idea, I would at this point propose a date of September 24th? The time and date can be adjusted depending on who attends the calls and what timezones need to be accommodated for.

Cheers, Michael