Reality, expectations, management, fear

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The Working Group on the themes of reality, expectatios, managment and fear reflected back these points:

  • interesting topic because the reality and expectation is a problem within CARE ie. pilot project, limited resources, lack of understanding on costs, same now on a global level - how to articulate what it will cost
  • common problem - here is a good idea, go out and do it
  • making a large change from the middle
  • assigned to a project to introduce systematic learning, KM in the organisation
  • asked to produce a KM plan (the silver bullet); clear that it isn't going to provide the answers to problems
  • no one plan can work, different contexts require different approaches
  • KS was pushed by Management in one case, different set up
  • struggling in countries with high hierachies
  • fear/trust issues come back time and time
  • haven't seen any valuable exchange without trust
  • creating a culture
  • learning from the learning approach (where KM has tended to be) vs adopting a learning posture ie. being ready to learn; the latter is an OL approach
  • tend to apply KM literature in all situations; could find yourself in archetypical situations ie. you have to produce a KM plan in an unrealistic timeframe with little support; the world back scenarios
  • top dog has just learned about KM but real interest is wafer-thin; shaky level
  • senior management level is taking orders
  • middle managers want nothing to do with it and have seen it all before
  • workers have little support
  • barriers at all levels
  • people who come into the roles are enthusiasts and optimists which makes sense because there are apparent gains
  • short term is a tool to help understand your context (situational analysis) and longer term to develop a self-assessment matrix
  • authority structure
  • time line
  • archetypal situation where different tools have a different successes
  • describe the organisational setting; leadership, workers setting ie. the hand that you are dealt
  • People
  • environment

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