Proposals for the KM4Dev Innovation Fund 2010

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Please submit your proposal using this space. You can do so by editing the first available link below in the format: 'KM4Dev Innovation Proposal x' (where x=a number), and replacing it with the title of your proposal. If there are no more available links, simply create a new link at the bottom of the list for your proposal.

Example: If you want to submit a proposal entitled 'My great KM4Dev Innovation' and you are the first person to submit a proposal, you will need to edit the link entitled 'KM4Dev Innovation Proposal 1', rename it to 'My great KM4Dev Innovation' and save the page. Then when you click on the link 'My great KM4Dev Innovation', you will be taken to a new page where you can enter your proposal information.

If you need assistance (e.g. in order to edit you will need a KM4Dev wiki account), please contact Lucie Lamoureux <> or Nancy White <> and they will be happy to set up an account for you.