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We'd like to invite other community members to help us plan this morning, especially people who can speak and lead from their diverse experiences of KM4Dev. (Part of KM4Dev 2009 Belgium gathering)

This group might also be related to the "landscaping and blipping" work. So scope that here and then bring in others.


  • Ensure everyone has at least a basic understanding of what and who is KM4Dev
    • KM4Dev's value to the world is that we are cross cutting. That is the value we gain from each other and give back out to the world. (Ewen: YES that is and should remain the overall added value of KM4DEV, but this time we also wanted to focus on specific sub-sector groups to a) be of more practical use to specific sector issues (if any) and b) identify more easily other KM4D members evolving in related spaces - could help for future work or sounding board for any sector-specific questions)
  • Make new folks/first time workshoppers feel welcomed and engaged
    • Helping newer members share their knowledge and strengths - so it isn't just about past KM4Dev experience and relationships (Ewen: I think there we could start hinting on special talents that participants bring - see more on this in the other sections)
  • Set up the process for the rest of the meeting (Huddles, cross fertilization across huddles, social reporting out to the wider community)
    • Recognize the complexity (even in the huddle structure which separates, while we also want to weave together)
  • Build relationships
  • Welcome - and some logistics
    • surface how we want to weave together across the days
    • landscaping, blips, documentation

Who is Helping

Riff, Nancy with support from Lucie and Ewen are starting to plan this. Who else can we recruit to help with this? Charles D? Others?

Preworkshop Preparation

  • messages for participant email list (First overview message sent to individual email, rest on DGroup. First message draft - Riff)
  • image of our online tool connections (done see
  • update front page putting registration on separate page and focus on agenda. Logistics on a separate page. (Nancy)


  • what happens Monday night and what Tuesday morning?


Possible agendas for Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning (see following sections for detailed ideas that might feed into/change the agenda):


  • Introductions
  • "KM4Dev Bingo"

Tuesday morning

  • 9:00 - 9:15 Welcome, agenda overview
  • 9:15 - 9:45 Introductions (unless they are already done on Monday. Will most participants be in Brussels and at Monday aft session/dinner?)
  • 9:45 - 10:15 KM4Dev intro/walkabout
  • 10:15 - 10:45 Break
  • 10:45 - 11:15 Small group sharing on connections/potential (e.g., why/how they joined the community, why/how they came to the workshop, expectations, where people will participate - I'm thinking of this as being one way to surface what skills/experience various participants are bringing to the meeting)
  • 11:15 - 11:45 Process description
    • a. huddles, cross-huddle (f2f) interactions
    • b. weaving, creating artifacts as we go through social reporting, landscape building
  • 11:45 - 12:30 Huddle for each huddle to present its topics and processes

Introduction to KM4Dev

  • Follow on to what happens Monday evening

Riff - Is it too wacky to think about a short skit to deliver a 'generic' history? Something like: Boy/Girl: Where did KM4Dev come from Grandma/pa? Grandparent: (looking off into the distance) That takes me back a long way, to around the turn of the century. B/G: Wow! You were there at the turn of the century!?? Gparent: Oh yes, I remember it well(idea bubble comes up behind with the dates 1999-2000). It all started with a handful of development organisations, blah, blah, blah. B/G: Cool! (we hope;-). What does KM4Dev do anyway? Gparent: That's a good question. I see a few friends from the community here, why don't we ask them? Hey Alfred, how did you get into KM4Dev (or what do you like about KM4Dev, or what has KM4Dev done for you? That could be a way to give a flavour of the origins, adolescence and diversification of the community/ies from a variety of points of view. Maybe follow that by opening it up to questions/comments from people in the whole group about why they are at the workshop, or what they do that connects with knowledge or learning, what do they think/hope to get from the two days, etc. Maybe too to weave in a description of the workshop somehow, a brief story about how thinking evolved around doing the huddles, applied KM, etc. My question in this context would be how it would/could fit with the Monday evening. Depends partly on how many will be there on Monday eve.)

(Ewen: The skit sounds good, though the grandparent link could give the impression the CoP has been there for (too?) long. How about this: The earliest member among us or alternatively Lucie as the cool CoP rep figure would start walking around the room reflecting loudly about the beginning of KM4DEV going through the various events that we sketched on the oceanic fresco - the Bellanet start, the various workshops etc.). At each station - i.e. sthg happening - people join her and she stops briefly to discuss with them 2-3 things or questions that happened then, how they shaped the community or the topic of KM4DEV. Then they get in motion again with a larger group and the 'procession' goes on and grows as everyone joins KM4DEV. We could build a bit more time to this and occasionally have more time to discuss in small groups the questions that Riff puts forward. In 20 min. all should be part of the procession and we could think of eventually stopping the group by docking at the different hub stations while we promise to see each other at soonest. An adaptation: start from a huddle perspective (i.e. people working in their organisation and their sector and not finding more solutions to their questions, problems etc.) and then while Lucie passes by with a number of discussing people (people on the list) they hear about it, join the KM4D group led by Lucie, ask questions to the group and start a dialogue etc. and progressively the procession grows. There's a lot more we could put into this and whatever the final idea, we could make a short list of interesting moments and benefits of KM4DEV to comment on: some key events from the fresco ([1]), the un-conference feeling to KM4DEV, the fun and people at the gatherings, the creativity, the fact that one finds responses and that 'fire' from the field, the diversification of KM4Dev etc.

That said, the skit as is would anyway be a refreshing way to start the workshop and I like the idea of dialogue/story and questions to people in the crowd so happy to work on this basis :)

[Riff - I like the idea of a growing group walking could also be an interesting way to build the landscape, adding significant moments as they come up. Nancy, what do you think? I know you would do a great job of graphic facilitation of that process, but it then removes you as an active participant. The one element I'm not sure about is creating opportunities for newer people to join in...somehow I think it's important to avoid the implication that you somehow have to 'join the community' to participate in the workshop, has a bit of a cult-ish ring to it. Maybe some kind of steering of the conversation around to the porousness of the community, to the various linkages that cut across it, the context of the workshop that in fact there needs to be a conscious effort to engage in an outward direction because it is more challenging than an inward direction. Then maybe into small groups as Ewen suggests, with a couple of questions around individual interests, what people feel they can get, what experience/perspectives they bring to the workshop, don't know....]

Charles - I would be happy to participate in the skit and can bring an African fruit (e.g, baobab)which I can crack open and ask members to pick and taste if they want while the conversation goes on. Sharing the fruit can symbolise sharing knowledge and I can say a few words to that effect. I will also try to bring a few traditional items like bottlegourd or seeds of traditional crops which farmers share together with the associated knowledge. The idea is to infuse symbolism and fun into the introduction process. What do you think? (Riff - Sounds great Charles! Too bad you couldn't bring some chipumu [I think that's a Bemba word for the maize beer one drinks with warm water and straws] :-)

Landscaping and Blipping

  • We'll want to introduce the "landscaping" to help us weave our days together and short video reports or "blipping" to share outward what we are doing.

[Riff - Part of this description is the blips as 'snapshots' of impressions, ideas, moments of experience that bubble up during the workshop, that form part of the dialectic of shared and individual experience which contribute to the character of the community (Yikes!).]

  • logistics of blipping

[Riff - I could be involved in this a bit.....I think if we have a core group of blippers, then invite anyone who has a camera and is interested to do one or more blips. Give them sample questions/guidelines if they want, help them get the blip edited and uploaded (I assume we could carve out a space within the workshop section of the main KM4Dev site. I'll see if there is a km4dev blip ID. If not, I'll create one). It may take up a lot of time, but perhaps my engagement in the eduhuddle could also be connected to dialogues around using video for learning....just thinking out loud here.]

  • process of landscaping (process, materials, etc.)