L&M group discussion on finalising the report

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On 20 September, Bertha, Ewen, Simone and Sophie had a Skype chat to see to it that the L&M baseline report is finalised.

These are the minutes:

  • Finalising question 14: Ewen had a stab. It's ok for everyone - Bertha will integrate this into the newly formatted report.
  • Finalising question 13: The summary's still long so Sophie will summarise it further and put the current list of suggestions (from respondents) as end note.
  • Finalising the report: This requires different bits of work
    • Formatting: Bertha will add some pictures from a.o. [1] and include the final version of questions 13 & 14.
    • Beefing up the executive summary: the current exec summary should be beefed up by teasing out key recommendations which this group has collectively agreed upon and also by the insights from the exec summaries that will be prepared for the SNA group and CT Lab group (see below). The exec summary will thus comprise: general on this report, some of the SNA, CT Labs exec summaries, set of recommendations.
      • ACTION: By monday PM: Simone has checked recommendations (in the gdoc), Bertha will have included 13 and 14, Sophie to have summarized 13, Bertha ans Sophie (and Ewen and Willem please?) to have checked recommendations and re- recommended, added, etc.
      • ACTION: Sophie and Ewen to possibly add a couple of bits from exec summary for SNA/CTLab.
      • ACTION: Simone, Bertha and Willem to review the current general exec summary
  • Online learning meeting across L&M, SNA, CTLab and core group: Great idea, but a) we can't force the contact with SNA and CT Lab groups so we can contact them, see if they are interested and organise the meeting with whoever is interested and b) we need to have a sort of synthesis of our report for each of these groups (zooming in on specific issues of relevance to their work) so that we can engage meaningfully - rather than naively expect they will all read our 20plus-page report. In turn, they should also come up with some kind of summary/synthesis of their findings that helps us understand what they discussed, found out and potentially recommend. We need to approach these groups with a clear rationale for the online meeting. Ewen will start this and then Sophie will follow up with SNA and Ewen with CT Lab groups.
    • ACTION: Sophie to do exec summary for SNA group and Ewen to do it for CT LAb group.
    • ACTION: Ewen to give a first stab at a short rationale for the online meeting
    • ACTION: Sophie and Ewen to contact bilaterally SNA and CTLab after comments from L&M group about this draft rationale/description
  • Sharing the report with the wider KM4Dev community: Even though we go for a structured analysis with SNA, CT Lab and core group, we should release the baseline survey report at soonest anyhow. We will do so once it's ready and won't specifically emphasise the need for community members to analyse results and recommendations. However, any comment that comes up from members proactively zooming on the recommendations will be used/fed back to the online learning meeting across the 4 groups.
  • Teasing out topics from the report for focused conversations: Core group members and members of this group agree that it'd be good to use the insights from the report to organise the internally-focused conversations planned for 2012. It's unclear as yet exactly how this will take place (needs further discussion among us).