KM4Dev Futures: landscapes of practice and systems convening

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From communities of practice to landscapes of practices

Social learning theory has evolved over the years - from the early studies of apprenticeship that was the foundation for communities of practice - to recent work on convening learning spaces across a "landscape of practice". In this broader context we have observed the important role of people we call "systems conveners". They enable learning by reconfiguring the landscape and creating new types of encounters at high leverage points in the landscape.

Session to be led by Etienne and Bev Wenger-Trayner


There are some opportunities to explore these ideas:

Opening questions

  1. What does the term "landscape of practices" evoke for you in your own KM4Dev work? Focused Conversation
  2. Last month there was a discussion about "transboundary learning and innovation". Can you recall someone you know who is good at making this type of learning happen? What do you notice about their challenges, the work they do and the personal characteristics they bring to this role?


If you are interested in reading up on the theory and some case studies, here are some chapters due to be published in a book coming out in summer 2014: File:13-12-16 LoP Part I and III.pdf