KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2015-03-04

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  • Review Notes from January 2015 Core Group Skype Meeting
  • Event at UNDP??
  • Next meeting Date
  • AOB


Review Notes from January 2015 Core Group Skype Meeting

Synthesis of KM4Dev Futures Pier Andrea has gone several times through doc and difficult to do. What do we think would be useful products for the community. Report from John Smith, notes from Hague and Rome meetings are main chunks of notes. Idea was to bring scenarios from Hague back to the community to find champions. Is this still useful at this stage? What type of messages or products. Just highlight the main things or what? Jasmin asks what do we need to bring back to whole community and what is for Core Group. What are the five or eight main things that could be followed up? Carl suggests a Guide - actionable points; what is for the Core Group to bring forward? what to share with community? Be strategic. Charles suggests we identify some people who are keen to still be involved who have also perhaps gone quiet but could be still interested. Jaap suggests the SNA Report could be anonymized so we can share back with the community. This may be a lot of work. Could we even be in touch with those involved to get consent. Pier Andrea says we could be in touch via Pete Cranston who has links to the SNA Report consultant. Jaap says there is a blog from Pete about the scenarios that we can also share back with the community. Peter says his experience suggests that going back to community as a whole may find few people who have time to dig into the full detail. So extract from both meetings and John’s study action points and ask community to react to them if interested in contributing to their realisation. Pier Andrea would welcome some help in the synethesis task. Jaap suggests skype calls with representatives involved in scenarios as start. Pier Andrea thinks this may be more work. Peter recalls that Rome meeting drew on the scenarios and came up with concrete suggestions so this may be a good start. Pier Andrea says the scenarios themselves are the problem. Jaap suggests that we want attention from the community from this work. Peter, yes we can reshare. Pier Andrea will be in touch with core group individually for help in the task.

Collaborative Event ILO Peter has been in touch but not any real progress yet. Peter will follow up in a few weeks with Case. Jasmin has scoped in ILO and the Central KM Unit which is at Sec. General level. Contact there is quite excited and will be getting back to Jasmin with some options. There are possibilities to continue exploring. Asked if they are organising any event and KM4Dev could perhaps help facilitate and then have a follow on day. They liked the Rome share fair model. Next step is a discussion over coffee. If we can provide help to Jasmin and Johanes (re: UNDP) about what KM4Dev can offer and wants this would help, based on experience from Rome event. Pier suggests we have a page or document generic that explains this, people, costs, materials. Peter suggests we continue both ILO and UNDP in parallel. Jasmin thinks we explore both at this stage until timing is clear problem. Peter is happy to liaise directly with Johannes at UNDP. There may be info on wiki from past events that we can draw on for the briefing note (also Sophie, Critine Sette, Nancy, Roxy may have info). Carl volunteers to pull together 2 pager note on KM4Dev event organisation. Peter suggests we keep out eye on getting sponsorship for participants who can’t self fund (e.g. CTA did this in the past). We can focus on this, including via donations page nearer the time

Voluntary Contributions mini project is with Peter and he is nearly ready to play his part after some health constraints.

Event at UNDP

Check with Riff if he’d like support from Peter on liaison with Johannes at UNDP.

Next meeting Date

Pier Andrea offers to set up a Doodle for April 13th Week and send to whole core group


KM4Dev Ning Events Calendar is not active. What usually goes here and how does it work. Peter and Jaap in the past experimented with getting the calender running. Keeping it populated and upto date is a big undertaking. Maybe we should take it away if nothing there. Jaap thinks we should put it off the home page. Use this space for something else.

Dilip Sing has received our feedback on his comments to KM4Dev CoreGroup and Carl is keeping channels open with him

One member has had problem getting password reset for DGroups account. Next step may be to delete her account and then adding her directly. If this fails we need to contact DGroup admin email below.

Charles and Jasmin are the DGroup facilitators for March

Charles is concerned that we do not have many contributors from the South and thinks he should do some more to encourage this. Pier Andrea could also do some more networking from Asia.