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KM4Dev 2017 event Geneva


KM4Dev was actively involved in the Knowledge for Development Summits in Vienna in October 2016. At these events KM4Dev was awarded through KMA for its work as a global community of practice. We used the opportunity to also hold a KM4Dev2016Vienna gathering at which KMA's Andreas Brandner took the decision to join the KM4Dev core group.
This eventually led to KM4Dev being involved in the organization of the Knowledge for Development: Global Partnership Conference 2017, to be held in Geneva from 3-4 April 2017 at the Palais des Nations, Conference Room XXIV. We refer to this event on a separate page K4D2017Geneva Conference.

Back-to-back to this event KM4Dev is organizing a full day Open Space event as warming-up to the conference the next day. The KM4Dev2016Geneva event takes place at the Impact Hub Geneva from 10:00-17:00 on Sunday 2 April 2017.


The KM4Dev Open Space day has as motto Knowledge Management for Development, towards a Knowledge Sharing Society and serves as a warming up for the next day's conference K4D2017Geneva. For this we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Agenda Knowledge for Development and the proposed Knowledge Development Goals that may reinforce the Agenda 2030 process. The KM4Dev day programme is built around a multi-round Open Space, which allows any topics participants will suggest at the opening market.

The programme can be downloaded here KM4Dev Geneva programme.

We recommend to also join km4dev2017geneva dedicated dGroup to converse about all this as of now!

Possible topics and suggested reading


Please register here to participate in the KM4Dev2017Geneva event on site or online, you can also indicate in the table your intention to participate in the separate K4D2017Geneva conference on 3 and 4 April.

Join the KM4Dev2017Geneva dGroup to stay informed and participate now, during and, after the events

A dedicated dGroup discussionlist serves to inform and interact with all those interested to join preparations; up-front discussions; on site or online participation during this KM4Dev event and subsequent conference and; reflecting on it afterwards. Join us here KM4Dev2017Geneva dGroup.

Venue for the KM4Dev 2 April Open Space day

The KM4Dev Open Space day will precede the K4D Conference and take place on Sunday 2 April from 10:00 to 17:00 at the Impact Hub Geneva. The Impact Hub is strategically located on the north-west side of the railway station Cornavin.

Please note that we will not offer full scale catering (e.g. lunch) during the full day Open Space! You are therefore kindly requested to come with your own lunch pack and drinks, which you can buy (among other places) at the Migros supermarket in the nearby railway station Cornavin, which is open on Sunday.

Suggestions on Visa for Switzerland / France

We currently cannot offer official invitation letters. We hope the K4D Conference and KM4Dev programme and the fact that the conference is convened by the United Nations in Geneva may be sufficient for visa applications with the Swiss authorities. Swiss Visa information. Please keep in mind that if you wish to use accommodation in France, you may need a Visa for France as well.

Suggestions regarding accomodation

  • Low-budget KM4Dev'rs may join Jaap & Peter at City Hostel Geneva. Peter J. Bury and Jaap Pels stay there in a shared 4 bed room.
  • tip: look for accommodation in Ferney Voltaire (France), it is cheaper and well connected by bus.
  • Airbnb tip: look for (shared) accommodation in Ferney Voltaire (France), it is cheaper and well connected by bus.
  • John Knox Center at walking distance of Palais des Nations.

Invitation letters and co-sponsoring your participation

KM4Dev currently does not have access to funding for qualifying participants from emergent (poor) countries. We suggest you explore relevant agencies and funding sources in your own country. As for providing an invitation letter to facilitate your Visa request, we will provide information soon about what we can provide.