Discussion Report 3 Lucie Lamoureux- Calling all KM4Dev techies!

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Title of Session

Calling all KM4dev techies!


Lucie Lamoureux


Shikhka, Peter S, Toby, Peter B, Andrew, Pete C, Kris, Karel, Mark, Bev, Luca, Michael, Martin, Dale, Pier, Vic, Chris

Key Discussion Points

Looking for:

  • Email-based system
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Preferably Open Source
  • Timeframe: 6-8 months


  • Use a wiki for everything, each member could have a wiki page and we add search member profiling (add-on), it's a readily accessible tool, members adding their own content
  • Don't worry about having things in different platforms, you can have a custom search engine
  • Point at blogs using custom search
  • Drupal CMS - simple, easy to customise, fastest growing developers community, adding new modules, GreenNet (hosting ISP)is big in Drupal
  • Ning - T.org hosting is done on Ning server, well supported, social networking more than CMS, free if no ads, pay minimal fee
  • Groupware - New Zealand based on Plone, multilingual
  • Mailman - not being developed, admin side is a drag
  • Sympa + Drupal - Dgroups prototype
  • Basecamp - new email feature looks good
  • Google groups
  • Plone - online community very good and rapidly growing, interface friendly, wiki add-on works well, many add-ons available, 10-20 MB sites available on-line for free (e.g. Openia). Plone is widely used - even by the CIA!
  • Ciaris - complex, simplify what's there, advanced features
  • ECS - Pete C says it is good
  • Grouply - grouply.com
  • There is a company that specialized in migrating platform into Drupal - need to Google it
  • Mahiti - Bangalore OS developers - experienced, cheap
  • Development Seed - presented at web24dev
  • Igloo - do what Giacomo did with GIS group, Dgroup mashup
  • Liferay - social networking
  • Elgg - OS social networking software, based in Norway does all that Ning does
  • Gmail account - give people access to them
  • Mark Hammersley - drafted doc on Dgroups specs features of a community space (Pete to post on wiki)

Key considerations:

  • If willing to not be OS, platform like Ning can be good because the maintenance is minimal
  • On the other hand,OS applications are more work and require people to maintain
  • Importance of privacy, non-commercial - not belong to a major brand
  • Build on things that already exist or are in the process of being developed (e.g. new Dgroups platform... KM4Dev could be a "copy" or instance)