Discussion Report 25 Luca Servo/Marc Storms - How to assess needs

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Session Title

How to help organisation or movements to express their real or latent needs on KM/KS? + How do you assess needs for communication of development projects?

Name of Convenors

  • Marc Storms
  • Luca Servo


  • Ivan Kulis
  • Simone Staiger
  • Vic Klabbers (NetUni NL)

Key Discussion Points

The importance of talking to inquire the situation

Explore the context of the organisation:

  • How they work, challenges, barriers, developments…?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What audiences their target?
  • How familiar their audiences are with the content the organisation generates?
  • How the audience usually access information?
  • How is the actual communication flow between the organisation and the audience?

Explore the impact of the KM/KS and tools involved

  • What foreseeable impacts?
  • Be aware of unforeseeable.
  • What changes in the communication flow?

Tips suggestions

  • Talk with 3 to 5 of the audience about the proposed tools and ask what of these they know, what thy will use…
  • Let enthusiastic users talk – peers to peers – about why, what for they use these tools
  • Work on the redefinition of the working processes putting in evidence the importance and relevance of some key positions
  • Adopt solutions motivating them in terms of benefits gained in efficiency/coordination

Source : 10 questions … will be provide by Ivan

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