Discussion Report 16 Jane Lennon - Taking Learning from conferences and meetings to those who could not be there

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Title of Session

Taking Learning from conferences and meetings to those who could not be there


Jane Lennon


Anne Babcock, Sabrina Erne, Nadia von Holzen, Eva Schmidt, Shikha Shestrha, Margarita Salas, Jane Lennon

Key Discussion Points

Participants gave examples of their experiences of this:

1. Oral

  • Ad-hoc (corridor conversations)
  • Staff briefings/meetings (limited people can benefit if some staff based outside HQ - harder in big organisations - raises questions around whether to scale up - and problems that come with that. Also different cultures allow for more 'informal' feedback - eg latin America example of discussing over food!))

2. Written

  • reports (where to store.how to send)
  • website (eg news features)
  • blogs from/after event
  • in newsletters
  • twitter updates

Following these specific ideas a broader discussion followed:

  • Often conferences provide updates on their sites/others. No need to recreate this if the case
  • 'Slide share' tool a possibility in some cases
  • Stress that it TAKES TIME to share your learning - need to allow for this. Also management support
  • As well as feeding back JUST on content - other ways to feedback:
    • on the people you met (use images as well as names)
    • image of the place/venue - gives more of a feel
    • how you FELT
    • What follow-up you will do - as an individual or an organisation
    • how the conference has made you THINK about yourself/your work (be self/organisational critical -- or positive!)
  • Need to TARGET feedback - eg top level messages/more detail
  • Example of delivering the same workshop in different settings - have video feedback from the participants for the participants at the next meeting - can send recommendations to that group.