Discussion Report 13 Anne Babcock - Teaching Ravens to Samba

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Teaching Ravens to Samba

Creating KM-culture witin organisations


Nancy White


Kate, Nadia, Nancy, Juliette, Shikha, Denise, Kris, Vijaya, Anne, Kemly

Key Discussion Points

What are our challenges?

  • Incentives
  • Vertical silos
  • Horizontal silos
  • Breadth
  • Structures to support people to share
  • Harvest vs. disseminate - what to share?
  • people still looking for structured, concrete, learning - clear recommendations (KM4Collective building)
  • strategies (co-searchers, searches, changing culture, practices)

We all have similar challenges. Are we even asking the right question? Might it be that KS is too big for a certain organisation (at this specific moment). If it's too big it doesn't seem to engage people. Therefore the question needs to be refined?

We broke out into two groups to brainstorm specific ideas around how to overcome our challenges in teaching our colleagues to share knowledge and in raising and clarifying the right questions within the organisation and with the management. How do we teach staff and the leaders to samba?

Feedback/stories/lessons learned include:

  • Kum Kum - e-newsletter, how to get people to contribute:
  • newsletter champions
  • best contributor award
  • email form to fill out with contribution
  • opinion fair - consultation
  • formalising in job description

Four essential questions emerged helping clarifying why establishing a KS-culture might be so tough.

  • What's the strategic purpose of KS? KS for what?
  • Hoe do you know when you succeeded?
  • What are the incentives for people participating?
  • What are the resources and/or resistances?