Develop a wiki-based book/resource on wiki practices in development

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  • Title of the Project: Develop a wiki-based book/resource on wiki practices in development
  • Project leader: Nancy White, Full Circle Associates (USA)
  • Brief description: Many of us are starting to use wikis in our work in development. There are some resources created about general wiki practices, but are they useful in development? Are there other practices we might explore? This project is to play with various applications and practices for wiki use in development. We will document our learnings in a wiki (in fact in THIS wiki!)
  • Current stage: There is a small group of KM4Dev folks who have either been working on the wiki, or are using wikis in their work. Some informal conversations have been emerging, but nothing formal. The thought is a few concentrated hours may help us move something simple and useful forward.
  • Estimated work time needed: 4 which could be broken down across the days, so people could actually work on other projects and incorporate any learnings/opportunities back into this wiki. I'd suggest that we try and meet towards the end of each day. What you you think?
  • Output: Wiki pages
  • Experience/skills sought in potential collaborators for the project: People who have used wikis in their work or are planning to. Particularly interested in people who have been using them in the South, with a wider variety of constituents beyond "the circle of consultants!"
  • Logistical needs: It would be great if we had wireless and people brought their laptops. Also would like flip charts and sticky pads.
  • What would you like to see come out from the workshop? The start of a useful resource on ideas and practices for using wikis in development that really go beyond "What is this tool" to "where will this tool allow us to move our work forward and how?"
  • Sign-up sheet (to participate in this session, please write ** Your name):
    • Nancy White
    • Josien Kapma (also in "community in business" and eager to explore overlap, if any)
    • Dale Chadwick
    • Kees de Ruiter
    • Johannes Schunter
    • Sibrenne Wagenaar
    • George de Gooijer