Creative workshop for 2007

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  • Camilo
  • Maarten
  • Ewan
  • Lucie
  • Carl
  • Sarah

Brainstorm for the meeting next year

  • Jointly organized meeting in the Netherlands for 2007: KIT, IRC, Hivos
  • Others not here would be interested: ie. IICD
  • Outside normal environment might be good idea: Wadden island, boat etc
  • Southern participants: ICCO, CTA
  • Equalizing fund for Southern participants is another option
  • Hold one event in the South/on in North:
  • Clear goal: issue for the journal, something for the website, write an article, making a case for KM, who knows what, workshop based on concrete needs, more than one output
  • Flexibility of the workshop of the agenda, and environment
  • Level of current workshop: intermediate level – emergence, boundaries, etc.
  • Resources of the host institution
  • Event in the South + something in the Netherlands which could have a slightly different flavour.
  • Venue: ISS, IAC, IRC (meeting rooms available with internal garden), Contact der Kontinent (close to Utrecht) – Soesterburg
  • Maarten and Camilo will look into the opportunities
  • Ewan: will investigate possibilities in Italy, might also be possible
  • Creation of Dgroup but keep it low key: KM4Dev 2007 (but doesn’t need to be done immediately – Sarah can do when she returns from hols)
  • Other people to be kept in loop: Andrew