Creating frameworks for knowledge management in pilot development projects

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  • Title of the Project: Creating frameworks for knowledge management in pilot development projects.
  • Project leader: Prabhu Rajendran and Amit Chakravarty, Samarthan (India)
  • Brief description: A very important purpose of pilot development projects is to create an explicit knowledge management system which focuses on vital knowledge and associated processes of creating, gathering, organizing, diffusion and use. This vital knowledge on development and associated process form the basis for future replication and upscale of the development projects. The biggest knowledge management hurdle for development projects is to identify vital knowledge and to build systems for creating, gathering, organizing, diffusing and making use of the identified vital knowledge. There is a need to develop frameworks that can support development projects in identifying vital knowledge and in building systems for diffusion.
  • Current stage: The project is in the initial stage of implementation where draft frameworks have been developed for 10 ICT for Development (ICT4D) pilot projects. These pilot projects are in areas of health, education, socio-economic development, cultural development and governance using appropriate ICT tools. The frameworks emerged out of the M&E process for the pilots. Application software to manage vital knowledge and its associated processes has also been developed and implemented. Currently we are in the process of building tools for adaptation and diffusion of the knowledge gathered and organized in frameworks.
  • Estimated work time needed: The estimated work time needed for the above project concept to be introduced and worked upon will be a maximum of 5 hours.
  • Output: KM Frameworks
  • Experience/skills sought in potential collaborators for the project: The potential collaborators would be participants with skills and some experience in ideation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of pilot development projects where-in knowledge had played a vital role before, during or after intervention. Collaborators with skills and experience of KM frameworks for development projects would be welcome to provide constructive criticisms/suggestions on our work. Also, collaborators from donor and government agencies with skills in project appraisal and who are involved in policy/ decision making.
  • Logistical needs: Audio visual aids: LCD projector with screen, OHP with sheets/markers and white board with markers Physical space: separate area for small group brainstorms / discussion/ exercises apart from the main congregation/presentation hall
  • What would you like to see come out from the workshop? The project will enhance skills of the participants be it planners, implementers, policy makers and professional/consultants involved in development and public sector projects especially pilots, in designing, building and using frameworks with associated knowledge management systems, in their respective area of work.
  • Sign-up sheet (to participate in this session, please write ** Your name):
    • Joseph Tanui (also working on project 2)
    • Reza Salim
    • Steff Deprez
    • Johannes Schunter
    • Esther Germans
    • Michael Schueber