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To make signing up to volunteer tasks set out in the Core Group Members TOR we could experiment with using a Solo Doodle Premium Account (<$20/year for one administrator). Doodle allows us to create Make a Choice Polls and the premium version allows us to require peole to let us know their email address when they post so we can follow up easily.

The Sign Up page on this Wiki would bassically have the Core Group Tasks with a link to the relevant Doodle Poll under each. For example:

Manage the KM4Dev DGroup List for a Month

Etc, etc.

What do people think of this? Is it likely to be easier to manage than the current approach and more transparent?

Thanks for feedback, Carl


20110705 Peter J: look fine. Comments: for some reason opened in Google maps (Gmistake?); I filled for test, will delete again soon (left it there in case others are testing); one risk: the save button is all the way at the end, out of sight. Maybe we make the filling in period (looking ahead) shorter, which means updating (adding months) more often (disadvantage?).