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WASHuddle focussing on KS/KM

tentative agenda, see also [1]

Feel free to add, here or if you can on the wiki page.

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WASHuddle focussing on KS/KM

Who huddles on WASH

convenor(s) / facilitators In any case Peter J. Bury from IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre , but probably also Ewen le Borgne, IRC and anybody else who likes to chip in!


Are you passionate about washing hands with soap and addressing innovative communication in all its forms in the WASH sector (you may include IWRM for sustained WASH services)? Join us! Register your interest here, join the gang on the Ning thing: [3]

Likely huddlers (add your name if you like to join in)

  • Peter J. Bury [4]
  • Ewen Le Borgne [5]
  • Jaap Pels [6]
  • Bertha Camacho [7]
  • Emmanuel Addai [8]
  • Shamila Jansz [9]
  • Hervé Tiendrebeogo [10]

at a distance

  • René van Lieshout
  • Iftikhar Hussain

We propose to look at

Add or send to me any topic you would like to address in the WASHuddle!

  • learning and sharing experiences at various and multi-levels, horizontal and vertical. IRC's experience here is with Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSP) a.k.a. the Learning Alliance Approach. But does it work as it is meant to work? How to move to real multi-level learning (e.g. from single local level citizen up to national / international level working people and back)?
  • innovative ways of communication for learning and sharing. IRC would like to learn about using mobile phones and sms for citizens involvement in WASH sector monitoring and demanding good governance;
  • meta level access to resources on the web. How to use social bookmarking (delicious tags) and related forms of social networking (LinkedIn, Facebook and their groups, Twitter (groups and tags such as #wash4dev) in an effective and user-friendly way.
  • what are existing or new community of practice (CoP) on KS/KM WASHuddling? Is there a scope of making links among them? IRC has run and runs a number of platforms meant to become true CoPs, for example http://groups.google.com.gh/group/washsectorlearning
  • Document and share information by responding to the inter-huddle questions below.

Process for WASHuddle

Before the workshop share stories from the examples of how things happened (e.g., turning points, learning moments, significant challenges, decision points), either in a short blog, email or video/audio format.

Outcome of WASHuddle

Outcomes of the WASHuddle by the end of the workshop could include:

  • Building blocks for more efficient and effective KS/KM at and among various levels of WASH sector work;
  • Identification of potential for increased and enhanced interHuddle KS/KM to benefit development and sustainability in the wide sense of the word;
  • Identification of crossHuddle-cutting issues that merit synergies between huddles and related KS/KM, e.g.: overpopulation, use of social media, use of mobile/sms for development, ...

Inter-huddle questions

Here a set of questions that could be useful to address to facilitate exchange with other huddles. This basic set of questions, which we expect all huddles will address, can be complemented by other issues or experiences huddles may wish to share with others. The idea is that each huddle will document in various shareable ways (see sharing opportunities and methods offered during the KM4dev event) to allow exchange with other huddles.

Proposed set of questions for interHuddling

  • What are the top 3 (max. 5) questions or ideas related to KS / KM in your huddle that you address? Indicate whether you offer to share and/or request to learn from other huddles.
  • In your huddle, what are the projects / case studies / examples you wish to share with other huddles. Indicate the KS / KM approach / method / tool and how it serves the needs in your huddle. In line with this we might want to highlight specific trends and challenges that are affecting our huddle and for which KM/KS could have a positive impact?
  • Have you identified what you think may be factors/ideas that influence KS/KM in your huddle domain? Any which do you think may be more or less universal?
  • How do you think that what you are talking about in your huddle might relate to other huddles?
  • Experiences with inter-lingual / cultural experiences with KS/KM learning/sharing: what works, what doesn't, cost/benefit. Did we ever come about methods in one language that don't or do work in other languages? E.g. are some methods language/culture specific?

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