KM4Dev Workshop - Brussels, October 6 - 8 2009: information for participants

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Workshop announcement

KS/KM in a World Of Change - An Open KM4Dev Community Gathering, Brussels, October 5 (evening) -8, 2009

The 2009 KM4Dev meeting will be held this year from 5pm 5 October - 8 October at the Maison Notre-Dame du Chant d'Oiseau in Brussels, Belgium.

We are in a time of significant global change. Climate change impacts agriculture, water, health and other development areas. Global financial crises affect the poor and everything they need. How can knowledge sharing and knowledge management help us address these complex and interrelated issues?

Join us for three+ days of thinking and working together on these issues at the 2009 KM4Dev annual gathering. Over the three days, we will have both separate theme focused conversations and then we will weave them together to think about the role of KM/KS separately and collectively. As usual, we'll also spend some of our time welcoming new members into the community, sharing a little KM4Dev history and making some new history together.

2009 Brussels Gathering Documentation

2009 Brussels Evaluation and Feedback Page

Where we are communicating about the workshop

Because we are spread out across a number of tools (DGroups, this wiki and the NING site) we have created a little map for you. But consider this page the "start" page for the content and the 2009DGroup as the key communications tools, and the NING as our place to create a reporting out archive.

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Participants List[1]

Draft Agenda

Pre-workshop - Monday October 5

New Member Welcome and Dinner - October 5

Evening plan: for those who arrive before 5pm, we'll do a small orientation program at 5pm, with 8pm, dinner reservations at La Gioconda[2]

Day 1- Tuesday October 6


Afternoon Regroup (all participants): report outs

Day 2- Wednesday October 7


  • Welcome back, short interim report outs
  • Back to thematic huddles
  • Lunch


  • Hands-on Social Media workshops - one goal is to start capturing report outs from huddles on some social media
  • Interactive report outs

Day 3 - Thursday October 8


  • Welcome back/activity
  • What do we do with what we have surfaced - weaving and integration
  • Open space (three rounds)
    • Closing/farewell for early departees
    • Lunch


  • KM4Dev community business meeting (optional but open to all)
  • Open Space (i.e. for people who want to initiate side meetings on specific topics)

Meeting Tips

  • Dress comfortably and casually. We'll be working in both large and small groups
  • Bring a power converter that works in Europe if you are coming from abroad
  • Bring your camera, audio or video recording device to help capture and share out what happens at the meeting
  • If you are local, bring a power plug in strip as we always run out of outlets
  • Bring a snack from your locality to share (chocolate???)