KM4Dev Core Group Meeting - 2011-06-06

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  1. KM4dev involvement in the Sept 26-29 Rome Share Fair & KM4Dev Meeting
  2. Core group/volunteer ToRs follow-up


KM4dev involvement in the Sept 26-29 Rome Share Fair & KM4Dev Meeting


  • What are the potential things we could do at ShareFair? Is there anything we're expected to do (e.g. Day 0 facilitation)? Help w/ Day zero, offer a session, offer facilitation support.
  • What would we need (i.e. preparations, logistics, etc.)
  • Who wants to be involved, both online (beforehand) and on site (during)?
  • How does this relate to a "piggybacked" KM4Dev meeting
  • We should see what Sophie shares in a calendar: when do 'we' do what?
  • Who will build the Share Fair calendar? So that we can see how we fit in in an integrated way and where we slot own meetings

ShareFair Ideas

  • Day 0 is Monday 26th Sept (is not in KM4dev proposal) will involve KM4dev people (?). KM4dev'rs may be asked to facilitate (throughout?). Day 0 will be a more training oriented day, where KM4dev may be asked to play a role on how to KS.

Sophie is part of organizing committee of Share Fair. KM4dev not included in the planning by the Share Fair committee directly. Gaury, Roxy, Willem and others are involved in the organizing committee. People in Rome have different hats, POTENTIAL FUNDER has few facilitators.

  • The POTENTIAL FUNDER proposal explicitly links the KM4Dev event to the Share Fair.
  • Question from Sophie to all: if you're not funded, would you participate to the KM4Dev event and ShareFair anyway? (Nancy - no, but has found business in Rome that week, so not an issue. And doesn't want to use KM4Dev money)(Lucie yes, Carl yes) (Peter - very likely yes, independent of any funding, available for facilitating if asked, on topics I have not decided yet)
  • KM4dev members can participate, if no proposal submitted and approved, then participation would be typically at own cost
  • Nancy: KM4Dev should probably propose a session about KM4Dev as part of the Share Fair. / Lucie: not sure this is possible though.
  • ShareFair - most rooms are small, scattered across building. They all have big table, chairs, projector. Longish vs roundish. Market, plenary, parallel. There is also the Qatar centre which offer an open space but not that big
  • Riff: also possible to do a session in other time slots (morning, lunch, evening?) - using a marketplace format etc.?

From the RFP: The organisers are now inviting proposals for sessions on the following specific themes: new trends and thinking on coping with market access challenges and developing markets for small farmers innovative use of mobile technology and/or social media in the agriculture sector to enhance food security and nutrition the impact of migration and population growth to feed future population new technologies and innovative agricultural and farming practices to increase productivity opportunities for innovative partnerships including with private sector, farmer organizations, environment-friendly and green innovations.

KM4Dev Meeting Focus Discussion

  • theme or no theme - focus on process as such?
  • do both - nevel gazing initiation plus thematic focus?
  • KM4Dev meeting in Rome -opportunity to talk about governance
  • Sophie: use the KM4Dev meeting to discuss the governance of KM4Dev?
  • can we consolidate our objectives and add any expectations from the Share Fair organizers?
  • Sophie: difficult to link to theme
  • KM4dev specific meetings typically would be before and or after the Fair. Sophie requested after. Having it on a work day would be more inviting to Rome folks interested in getting involved.
  • Ewen: an option could be to have a collective session looking at what KM4Dev is and has been to date and the other side of that session to look into the future: what is it that we would like to do as a /for the community? And perhaps tag the core group (OR) governance session as a way to also piggy back on these 2 sessions - and probably a nice way to create enthusiasm from anyone to join the core group or do some work on a particular issue?

Perhaps we can focus on 3-4 different things: (with some of this "pre-cooked" per Carl's suggestion)

- Introduction to the community - what it is, what it has done so far, what it has brought to people? (perhaps on work day instead of Sunday, to get more Rome based practitioners involved, so that would be Friday 30th Sept.) Where the hell are we going???

- Where are we headed? What is planned, what could be opportunities? Where do you think KM4Dev could add value?

- What does this mean in practice? Inviting all to think about some general governance issues? (perhaps combined with previous session)

- What does it mean in real practice? à Closed KM4Dev core group session to really sort out pending issues in a group whose size is manageable. (or instead of closed, just be very clear this is for people who intend to act/participate not just watch)

- Propose session that brings our value to Share Fair ("how")

Background: Role of KM4Dev Rome group (meets approx. once a month) - get a sense day  Find the group also here  
  • Can KM4Dev provide (e.g. facilitation) services vs. funding? (post call clarification- what would be useful contribution to ShareFair from KM4Dev and how can that be supported - i.e. people who don't have funding to get to Roma)
  • We agreed we should have a KM4Dev meeting and we think it's good to piggy back with the Share Fair from a timing/opportunity perspective..
  • Should the KM4Dev event have some interlinked theme with the Share Fair? We think it doesn't have to be and we could offer a session ABOUT Km4dev within the Fair as a separate offering.
  • The intro to newcomers of KM4Dev could be before the programme or during the Share Fair as one of the sessions.
  • Day 0 - Sophie to clarify with organizers if they want something similar to Addis (helping build KS/Soc Media skills)
  • We agreed we can offer something FOR the Share Fair, separate from KM4Dev meeting that talks about the HOW that fits with any of the proposed ShareFair themes.

Core group/volunteer ToRs follow-up

  • What are we going to do with the long list of volunteers?
  • We have 20 people indicating volunteering to facilitate the community
  • We need 2-3 people to induct the new volunteers, including mentoring
  • Peter: can take one under wing, more as well, so who joins this 2-3 people group?
  • Would it be useful to have a wee sub-group to plan how they could be introduced/inducted, and which suggest tasks they might take on, and arrange for some mentoring?
  • Possible to just let them do their work as new stewards and then see how it works in practice, reflect, introduce and offer this as a way to organise it.

Action Points

1. Find out how we can contribute to ShareFair (marketplace, day 0, plenary and or breakout) WHO - Could Sophie, Gauri, Michael discuss? SOPHIE WILL QUERY SHAREFAIR TEAM and send message to Coregroup who should RESPOND quickly.

2. Plan KM4Dev full day meeting sub group WHO - EWEN, PETER, NANCY, LUCIE, Carl, Natalie, Sophie (Should we open this invitation sooner/later to community?) This should include proposed date so we can ask IFAD for room ASAP!

3. Do the onboarding tasks for new volunteers and document them - list facilitation, welcoming people, core group (Who?)

4. CARL to look to see how to add more public functionality to the sign up page currently on the wiki - and see how people can quickly mention what they're interested in taking over?

5. Pete to put the list of volunteers on the wiki page and to thank them and also inform them a bit more about what the task involves. And invite the whole community to have a look at the page and comment.

6. Nancy to send minutes to core group re: key decisions etc. of this discussion.

7. Who would like to be a buddy/mentor? Ewen, Lucie, Peter... And the rest of the core group to fill in!

8. Follow-up discussion about organising potential group to follow-up work around potential funded activities for Riff to organise with all of us. (future agenda items )