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Intranet Impact


We are currently developing an intranet for our organization and trying to sell it to senior leadership on the basis of these expected impacts:

  • Work more efficiently through better access to information resources and effective communication channels.
  • Become more effective in achieving our mission by understanding and applying best practices
  • Reduce email
  • Increase organizational and individual learning

Is there any published research (especially in the development community) that supports these expectations for intranets and collaboration tools? We'd like to show that intranets and collaboration tools have a positive impact on business in terms of increased efficiency, effectiveness, impact, etc. rather than in terms of an increase in IT staff.  ;-)

Pam Osborne, Digital Librarian Mercy Corps


intranet, collaboration, research, evaluation

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KM4Dev Discussions

Jan 25 2007 - Jakob Nielsen's article to promote his latest Intranet Report has a couple of statistics on intranet ROI towards the very end:

A bit older, a study summarised in the Intranet Journal:


Giulio Quaggiotto

Jan 26 - You might want to take a look at the Christian Aid case study, which is actually drafted by/for Microsoft to promote SharePoint:

You could also ask Steven Buckley, Head of the Common Knowledge Programme at Christian Aid (, directly about his experiences (hope this is ok, Steven!).

Best, Lucie

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