Web 2.0 and KM4Dev

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Allison Hewlitt and Beverly Trayner


  • Mel Barnes
  • Andrew Bartlett
  • Jaap Pels
  • Marc Steinlin
  • Nancy White

Key Points

  • Bev and Allison had met on Monday; common interest is the ways that web2 tools could and are being used by communities. Allison had just taken part in a web2 writeshop and Bev had led a CoP and web2 training for a network of networks. Felt there was common ground that should be explored further.
  • Allison is interested in better understanding processes or methodologies for self-learning on web2 within communities. Thought that the KM4Dev community would be interested in piloting an approach (online workshop of sorts) where members could learn from each other about the use of the tools within networks/organisations/etc.
  • Workshop within CPSquare is a good example of a process
  • This is already happening piecemeal ie. we are exprimenting with ways to use wikis within the community, there are common km4dev tags being used including km4dev, npk4dev, nptech etc.
  • There was a short discussion on "What is web 2.0?". Points included:
    • way of doing things on the web
    • distributed vs centralised
    • interactivity
    • social software
    • user driven, controlled
    • changes how you see the world
    • tagging
  • Need to figure out what are the entry points.
    • Multiple media - use the tools to talk about the tool.
    • At an event
    • Giving examples of use
    • Activity: Tagging example
    • Giving space to play
  • We need to be cautious in our approach. There is a lack of sense of utility. Natural time to adoption. Over enthusiastic early adopters. Use and mis-use. Identity issues and what is exposed on the web
  • Need to have a purpose, look at adoption patterns, outcomes and carry out an analysis - how do they really help? (some kind of m&e may be necessary)
  • Also need to better understand the need/problem that we are trying to address. Some suggestions included:
    • The difficulty of finding relevant and useful information
    • Making connections to people who are ‘in the know’
    • Facilitating the co-creation of materials, documents etc.
  • Would training materials help? (not sure)

Thanks to Nancy who took a visual recording of the session.