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Network Visualisation

Below is the start of an inventory of network visualization applications. Please add or comment as you wish. Network visualization is good for community mapping, knowledge pathways, value networks, network weaving, collaboration, economic development, etc.

Network Visualization Links

1. MS Visio (2-dimensional)

2. NetDraw (2-dimensional)

3. MAGE (3-dimensional)

4. KiNG (3-dimensional)

5. Pajek (2 & 3-dimensional)

6. MS PowerPoint (2-dimensional)

7. VRML 1.0/2.0 :

8. Cortona VRML Client:

9. UCINet:

10. Orgnet:

Data Visualisation

For a great example how data can be visualised take a look at the presentation from Hans Rosling (founder of for Ted Talks:

"It's a real tour de force of amazing graphic animations that deconstructs a few development myths and challenges many assumptions that, in Rosling's view, stem from data being difficult to access. Perhaps more importantly for the purposes of knowledge management for development, he forcefully makes the point that the fact that data are buried in a variety of restricted access databases and/or are provided without any user-friendly graphic interface seriously hampers policy formulation and development work on the ground."

Somehow reminded me of Edward Tufte's work ( applied to development. Thought other people on the list may be interested.

Giulio Quaggiotto Programme Officer Knowledge and Innovation Unit IFC t: +1 202 458 0325

See also what Google has done with making Gapminder available online a couple of weeks ago