Using Appreciative Inquiry

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Using Appreciative Inquiry

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Appreciative inquiry

Detailed Description

Chris Burman asked on Nov 6, 2006: "We have some post-grad students looking for good on-line material ref AI. If any of you have easy to reach resources / links to hand then please let me know [for my records] and also cc to Ina above so she can fwd them to students (p.s. I bet Ben comes back with loads of them!)"

KM4Dev Discussions

Members sent in the following links in response to Chris:

One member wrote: "I am a professor and dialogue and deliberation practitioner (online and F2F) and regularly use AI as a tool in small and large group work. I have used in successfully in colloquia with graduate students in an international peace and conflict resolution and in multiple educational, corporate and community settings. I have written about many of these experiences, too.

I am guest coeditor of The November 2006 volume of the AI Practitioner [6] titled ""Lifelong Learning "On the Road to Find Out" - How Theory Informs Practice and How Practice Informs Theory. This international publication of Appreciative Inquiry and positive methodologies best practices highlights examples, case studies and research on strength-based approaches to change with special emphasis on Appreciative Inquiry. In addition to my editing duties, I contributed "Building a Sustained Capacity for Connection: AI and Lifelong Learning" and "AI and Faculty Development: Discovering Facilitation and Dialogue Tools and Techniques for Effective Learning"."

Examples in Application

Here are a few links to case studies and examples:

One member said that: "I am currently finishing my PhD on changing, learning and sense-making with Indian NGOs. I used Appreciative Inquiry principles and parts of the methodology. The methodological chapter and reflections will be finished soon. If you and or your students are interested, I can send you the relevant sections."

Lusophone resources

Both Investigação Apreciativa and Pesquisa Apreciativa are used to describe AI in Portuguese.


Abstract of case study by Sarah Michael:

full text (in English):

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