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Original Message

From: Alakh Asthana, posted on 2009/02/04

Hi Folks!

We have to run 18 training sessions annually, now the problem is that my company has started a new location which is far away, but accessible by 'Video Conferencing'. Bandwidth is not a problem.

I did try running a session through Video Conferencing, however its not effective, presentations cant be run simultaneously, and theres no interaction.

I can understand these problems will always exist, however I beleive that there are few applications / tools / technologies that ease training sessions across geographies and are custom made for this purpose.

I would love to hear from you about these solutions!


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Alakh Asthana
Frey Faust
Sam Lanfranco
Cai Kjaer
Judith Henderson
Caitlin Bentley

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