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*    How to build a community website
   * What is the best way to build and maintain a portal?

· How to build a community website


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· What is the best way to build and maintain a portal?

What is the best way to build and maintain a portal?

Before embarking on the creation of a portal or website, here are some things to think about:

   * Define what you mean by a portal. (some other terms are intranet, team website, etc.)There are many things which have been labeled “a portal” from large scale destination websites like, online libraries, comprehensive information databases, intranet home pages to collection of tools for interactive knowledge sharing. *What do you need? What does it mean for your portal?
   * Do the resources you seek in your portal exist elsewhere? Do you need to duplicate that?
   * Who will be using the portal? Are your users all internal? External? Both? Who needs it? Why? And how do you know this? Have you asked them? (assessments, checklists, etc.)
   * What elements should you consider? (content, tools, interaction – start small but able to grow and evolve.)
   * What tool options do you have and how to choose from them? What expertise do you need/have to use these tools?
   * What human resources do you need to run and maintain the portal – both from a content, technical and facilitative perspective?
   * How do you plan to launch your portal? What plans do you have to make sure it works within your organizational culture? How will you market it to users?
   * How will you evaluate the use and success of your portal?

What does the lifecycle of your portal look like? How often do you expect it will change or grow?

Some key contacts in KMDev with portal experience:

   * Steve Song, Bellanet,
   * Brendan O’Brian, UNFPA,
   * Ann Tothill, APC,
   * Geoff Barnard – ELDIS
   * Tracy.Zussman-Kay

Some Internet resources on portals: