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Nadejda Loumbeva, 2009/03/03

Hi All,

I am asking this on behalf of a friend:

Would any of you know of a programme that allows you to draw and the image is then transferred to your computer screen which you can then save as a file? It would be something like those whiteboards that print but the computer would record the images instead of creating a print-out.

Imagine your mouse pad is a whiteboard. You draw on the whiteboard by hand and the image is transferred to the screen. The reason why Microsoft Paint won't work is because I need to record images quickly during dialogue. I'm also wondering if someone else can be linked to the process. For instance, when the image shows up on the screen, it will also show up on the screen of another user. I'm unsure whether I want it as a live tool so as I draw, the images are transferred instantly or the image needs to be uploaded after.

Thank you very much for any scoop you can give!

Hege Hermansen, 2009/03/03

Hi Nadejda,

Have you tried online meeting platforms like Elluminate or Webex? They have a whiteboard function which allows you to draw and save images. You can invite others to view the drawing through the internet, and I think you can decide at which point in the process you want other meeting participants to view the image. I am not overly familiar with it, but I know there are several experts on this list...

Patrick Kalas, 2009/03/03


A few years ago, Logitech came out with a digital pen allowing for a direct transfer of images and writing from paper onto the screen. May be worth to Google if this is still available.

Frank Ryan, 2009/03/03


I haven't tried this myself but it looked very interesting, Nadejda.

Head of Library & Information Services Manager, Business Information Centre (BIC), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Suzanne Rainey, 2009/03/03

My colleague just showed me this tool the other day that is really interesting--looks like you can save and send and do all kinds of things.

Nancy White, 2009/03/03

That one looks cool. Suzanne. I also like vyew

Gabriele Sani, 2009/03/08

VERY cool suggestions. I started digging around, and found some other interesting tools:

  • DimDim offers screen capture also on Macs and

has an opensource version for up to 100 concurrent users

  • Openmeetings it has native integration with moodle (and its evolving at a very fast pace, keep your eyes on it!)