Success factors for development and management of Knowledge Sharing Platforms

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Original Message

From: Jessica Robbins, posted on 2010/03/13

Hi KM4Devers,

I have been putting together a list of success factors for development and management of knowledge platforms. In looking over the KM4Dev Knowledge base it appears that one does not yet exist? (I might not have looked hard enough!)

I would therefore like to ask your feedback, thoughts and opinions on the following list. Let me know what you think…

Cheers Jessica

1. Demand driven

  • What is the need?

2. Clearly defined parameters

  • What is the problem? (Objectives)
  • What is the solution? (Services/Tools)
  • Who is it for? (Target Audience)
  • What is the scope? (Global, Regional, National)

3. Be community owned

  • Must engage users
  • Focus on user needs
  • Need champions

4. Build on the organizational strengths

  • What are your organization’s strengths? (Comparative advantage)
  • Are you in best position to provide solution? (Resources)
  • Who else can or is doing it better? (Competition)
  • Who has the mandate to do it? (Responsibility)

5. Be integrated with broad framework or strategy

  • Important part of M&E (Sustainability)

6. Be value added

  • Users will promote via word of mouth if they see true value
  • Communicate member benefits
  • Communication and outreach necessary

7. Not duplicate what already exists

  • What else is being done? (Don’t duplicate existing)
  • Who else is doing it? (Can lessons be learnt?)
  • How can add value and not duplicate effort?

8. Must have a human face

  • Not just technology, it is about people and relationships

9. Focus on the community of practitioners

  • What is the glue?

10. Be sustainable


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Jessica Robbins
Joel Muzard
Charles Dhewa
Tarit Kumar Datta Gupta
Mireille Massue
Sam Lanfranco
Jaap Pels
Teobaldo Pinzas
Sarah Cummings
Amina Singh
Tom Zeppenfeldt

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