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From: Richard Labelle, posted on 2009/03/12

Dear all,

I am working from a location in West Africa with low bandwidth. We have undertaken an egov readiness survey and interviewed over 800 civil servants using a paper based questionnaire. Several survey teams have traveled across the country to administer the questionnaire.

I would have preferred using SurveyMonkey to do the analysis (using SM for the actual survey would not have worked as most the people to be surveyed have limited access to PCs and the Internet). Instead, we are using CSPro for offline data entry and SPSS for data analysis because we don't have the bandwidth for entering data using SM. CSPro is freely available it appears and was developed by USAID with the assistance of the US Census Bureau and others.

While SPSS is very powerful, the version of the data entry front end CSPro requires coding and is not vey user friendly and it is prone to data entry errors. Working with this combination is very laborious. We have developed a SM based entry system and while entry was easier to do that CSPro, the Internet connection was not realiable enough for us to use SM.

I know that SurveyMonkey does not have an offline module that could allow data entry and a "batched" up load procedure. Are there any other alternatives that could be have been considered here? Do any of the other online survey tools allow for offline data entry on several PCs, followed by upload and analysis?

Would anyone have an alternative to using CSPro or is it just a version problem?

Any suggestions for using electronic and online survey tools in low bandwidth situations would be greatly appreciated and will be shared with local counterparts.


All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Richard Labelle
Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Nancy White

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