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What is a Knowledge Fair?


A number of KM4Dev members have used Knowledge Fairs as a way to explicitly share knowledge within and across communities. This FAQ is to share methods for Knowledge Fairs, along with stories of use. Add your story!


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Examples in Application

IWMI's Knowledge Fair [ ILO Knowledge Fair]

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Further Information

The KM4Dev Journal had an article on Knowledge Fairs The culture of a knowledge fair: lessons from an international organization, Barbara Collins, Rafael Diez de Medina and Anne Trebilcock

Steve Denning on Knowledge Fairs

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FAQ KM4Dev Source Materials

From: Sebastiao Ferreira [1] Sent: Thu 6/23/2005 03:18 To: Knowledge Management for International Development Organisations Subject: [km4dev-l] RE: Knowledge Fair reporting


I organized a Knowledge Fair one year ago, for CARE USA, in Atlanta. But I did not developed a methodology for evaluating Knowledge Fairs. What I can share with you is my experience.

1. Before the Fair I defined the concept of the Fair and what I should understand as success and as failure of the Fair, as indicators of success. This Fair was very particular; it was oriented to knowledge projects (future knowledge generation and/or sharing), not to gather knowledge generated experiences from in the past. These indicators was:

1. The relevance (for development) of the ideas of the knowledge projects. 2. The level of interest in KM (at social and organizational level) generated by the Fair in expositors and visitors. 3. The amount of ideas and knowledge sharing among expositors and visitors.

2. To make my evaluation I prepared a questionnaire to expositors and an interview scheme for applying to some key visitors. 3. Before the Fair finished I applied the questionnaire to expositors. During the Fair and after its end I interviewed some key visitors, who were stakeholders for the organizers. 4. My evaluation was made based on the perceptions I collected with questionnaire ant interviews and on my own opinion about the relevance of the projects. 5. The reconstruction of the process of promoting and organizing the Fair was also very useful to interpret the meaning of final results. 6. And that is all I am able to share with you this moment.

Espíritu y Oportunidad

Sebastiao Darlan Mendonça Ferreira emails:

From: "Sarah Dotson" Reply-To: "Knowledge Management for International Development Organisations" To: "Knowledge Management for International Development Organisations" Subject: [km4dev-l] Knowledge Fair reporting Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:50:05 -0400

Dear all, I am currently documenting the development of and the lessons learned from the Decent Work and the Informal Economy Knowledge Fair (currently partially displayed at the International Labour Office in Geneva). Does anyone have an example of a report documenting such a process or a model that they think would work? This process is relatively new ground for the ILO, and new to me, so I would appreciate any ideas or assistance anyone can offer.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Sarah Dotson Consultant International Labour Office, Geneva

USAID Knowledge Fair Announcement