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Original Message

From: Julian Goh, posted on 2013/09/18

a New Member.

I am an enthusiastic researcher in KM IC topics. May I know if we have a monthly or quarterly newsletter published by KM4DEV?



All replies in full are available in the discussion page. Contributions received with thanks from:

Nancy White
Simone Staiger-Rivas
Okey Nwoke
John David Smith
John Emeka Akude

Related Discussions


Discussing the value, contents, and production quandaries of organizing periodic newsletter for the KM4Dev community.

Suggested Newsletter Topics

  • Summaries of key threads (done by those who raised the threads)
  • Space for stories, profiles (would need to be generated)
  • Ks toolkit corner, highlighting one tool
  • Abstract of a recent km4dev journal article (chosen from journal)
  • Announcements (taken from those shared on list and Ning)
  • Links (taken from those shared on list and Ning)
  • Reviving “old” topics already in Discussions

Newsletter Suggestions in the L&M 2013 report

(Culled by John Smith, 26 September 2013. See full report HERE)

  1. p4.: The core team and community should try to share conversations and increase its transparency even more, perhaps by means of a monthly update of the community conversations (inside the core and outside) in a very simple format.
  2. p5.: The principles, vision and values of the community should be made available on the wiki and on the Ning group – and reminded to all members (on the mailing list and on the Ning site) about these.
  3. p6.: Every selection process of the core group members should be shared transparently. Core group activities could be reported about in the monthly update about the community perhaps…
  4. p10.: And pulling information from conversations going on those platforms into the monthly mail-ing would be a very beneficial activity for the whole community to connect dots between the community technological platforms and assets.
  5. p22.: Overall recommendations (from respondents): Develop a simple monthly update on what is going on in the community.

Roles - "a team of 3-6 people would be ideal"

  1. editor
  2. chief editor who finalise the content what to publish
  3. assistant editor
  4. members / authors

Newsletter Sections

  1. KM4Dev Recap or KM4Dev Review - this is where a summary of discussions will be made.
  2. KM Member of the Month - In this section we will highlight a member of the community
  3. Resource Section - Of course we would have a better name but here we can discuss KM tools and resources being uses, have links to blogs, etc.
  4. Announcements

Production Issues

  • happy to lead a section if others want to try it out…
  • Should be quarterly because of the effort involved