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There are so many tools available today, it can be overwhelming. How do we evaluate a tool to see if it is useful for our community? How can we look at it beyond the "gee, isn't this cool" talk from early adopters? One way is to PLAY with a tool. This part of the KM4Dev wiki is our playground to safely experiment with the tool.

To play, we are going to build a collaborative cookbook. Why a cookbook? Because one of the most successful knowledge sharing technique is to have conversations over a great meal. But what if we can't sit together at a meal? Well, we can at least IMAGINE it. So lets build a cook book of dishes we'd love to serve each other. Let's share our favorite recipes from our homes and cultures as a way to learn a little bit more about each other.

Building our Collaborative Cookbook

  1. Get a wiki account: We have had problems with spammers on this wiki, so we have to add people manually. To request a wiki account: email Lucie Lamoureux at llamoureux AT (replace ' AT ' by '@'). Within a couple of days Lucie will send you an email with your account name and password.
  2. Come back to the wiki and log in: Look in the upper right hand corner of the page. Once you log in you will be able to play the game which includes creating and editing pages here in the wiki.
  3. Start a page for your recipe: To do this, click on the edit tab for this page then scroll down to the "Recipe Index" area. There you will create a page for your recipe by typing in a simple, short name for your dish, highlighting it, then clicking on the underlined Ab button found among the list of buttons at the top of the editing box. That makes the name of your dish into a link which in turn will create a new wiki page later. Now click on the "Save page" button below the editing box.
  4. Add your recipe: After the page refreshes, you will notice that the name of your recipe is a link. Clicking on the link will take you to an editing box where you can paste in or type up your recipe. For fun, please tell a little bit about the recipe: where it comes from, why you like it and why it would be good to serve at a "knowledge sharing" meal.
  5. Interested in formatting your recipe?: Check out this Wiki Tip Page for some ideas.
  6. Check out other recipes: After you have posted your recipe, look around at other recipes. Feel free to leave comments on those other recipes by editing that recipe page.

Questions and Tips Discussion

As we proceed in our cook book adventure, please share your questions, tips and experiences "about" the task of building the cookbook. Here is how.

This cookbook section has a Discussion section to it. To view, join in and ask your questions/provide input, click on the Discussion tab at the top of the page. On that tab is a linear list of people's discussion contributions. Read through, and then Edit that page and add your own contribution at the bottom. Finish your contribution with four tilde (~) characters, and it will sign with your name and date.

Tips?: Share yours!

Learn?: What did you discover about wikis? What did you like? Not like?

Recipe Index

Swiss fondue --Olivier.berthoud 16:39, 15 May 2006 (EDT)

Dense Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Sauce - From Nancy White

Horseradish Soup - From Allison Hewlitt

Lucie's no-fail banana muffins - From Lucie Lamoureux

Hungarian Cucumber Salad (Uborkasalata) - From Erik Johnson

Fish in cider - From Andy Roberts

Advocaat (Dutch, Eggnog) - From Josien Kapma

Couscous SortaArab

Fish pie

Bamboo shoot Curry- From Shikha

Chocolate mousse pie - from Carla Alcobia

Mum's Simple Biscuitsfrom Dean Raymond

Boiled custard - From Sue Ugali and Nyama Choma by Amulabu Link title