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About John Bordeaux

Hi there! My name is John Bordeaux. I graduated the 22nd grade with a Ph.D. in public policy, so I'm not leaving the Washington DC area anytime soon. I served as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Air Force in the 1980s, and landed here in 1990. What I started doing then, I've continued to do. Through positions labeled as analyst, consultant and even a brief misguided stint as a Chief Knowledge Officer - I've worked to connect operations with intelligence.

I teach an ethics-and-leadership course for an MBA program; because leadership without ethics helped destroy trillions in generational wealth just a few years ago, and many leadership frameworks are based on an outmoded view of humanity.

I offer a decision science module several times a year for a large client in the U.S. intelligence community; helping security professionals understand the cognitive biases and filters that can cloud their work.

Finally, I’ve landed back at The RAND Corporation as something called a ‘Sr. Management Scientist.’ While that conjures an image of working in a lab coat, surrounded by managers in cages (hat tip: Matt Moore); it is apparently the bucket into which Knowledge Management fit for my employer.

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