IKM-Emergent francophone discussion

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Basic information

  • When? Monday 5 October 2009
  • Where? Chant d'Oiseau [1], Brussels
  • Who? A maximum of 30 participants

Objectives of the discussion

  • to briefly introduce the programme and the concept of multiple knowledges;
  • to introduce the object of the three IKM-E working groups and visually feature some of the work carried out under IKM-Emergent to Francophone audiences;
  • to discuss the objectives of the programme in a participatory and dynamic manner and to brainstorm ideas and suggestions to make the programme more relevant and to identify issues that could be of specific interest to francophone audiences.

The sequence of the discussion The discussion will probably unfold as follows:

  • (15 min) Brief introduction of participants;
  • (15 min) Presentation of the programme and of the concept of multiple knowledges;
  • (30 min) Walk around and exchange about some pieces of work carried out by IKM-Emergent;
  • (75 min) World cafe on the objectives of the three working groups and suggestions of activities / outputs that could be specifically relevant for francophone audiences;
  • (15 min) Summary and conclusions of the discussion.

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