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Theme: Growth (“ripples”). Seeing the ripples -> waves.

Participants: Bev Traylor, Stef Smits, Natalie Campbell

Question(s): How can we better illustrate/qualify/demonstrate/evidence the difference we make, day in, day out? How can we make process more visible? (How) do we make the messy people stuff more visible and accepatable?

Keywords: Impact Assessment, Scaling up and scaling out, mainstreaming versus specialists., ethics, contextual analysis, assemble the evidence.

KS Approaches: Turning point stories, story competitions, “Voices of the Poor”. Narrative reports, qualitative monitoring, prizes (ex: books, visits), meta-study, be transparent about imputs (ex. time for facilitation)

Additional notes from the discussion:

  • analysing, documenting the process as you go.
  • identifying stakeholders... process documentation (journalist).
  • capture process e.g. stories, comments, on a whiteboard or a wiki.
  • field diary - evidence to sustain the impact
  • blog, live blogging for travel reports
  • MSC (Most Dignificant Change)
  • Build into project from its conceptualization
  • appreciate what people are already doing
  • interviewing and publishing interview