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About Ginetta Gueli

I began work as researcher and developed over the years a breadth of experience in Information and Knowledge Management: from enhancing company data to improving the efficiency of decision-making processes to strengthening productivity and team cooperation. Working in several organizations has given me the opportunity to acquire meaningful expertise in people coordination, project management, digital transformation and communication, and in bringing focus and energy to set & build up new trails and in supporting changes in management agendas.

Soft Skills:

  • Passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Strategic, critical and analytical thinker with helicopter view ability and independent mindset.
  • Facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Able to find the balance between different people’s needs and business goals.
  • High organizational and time-management skills to produce efficient results.
  • Proactive, pragmatic and problem solving attitude to improve status quo and anticipate problems.
  • Capable of building productive and positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders at any level.
  • Liaising and co-working cross-functionally to develop and promote innovations and new services.
  • International background and skilled in training teams and individuals to facilitate their working life.
  • Budget management & costs vs. benefits analysis.
  • Being transparent, assertive, determined, responsible and reliable.

Motto: "Being educated does not mean remembering all the concepts, but knowing where to look for them” - Umberto Eco

Communication skills: In the latest years, I have enhanced my communication skills by doing podcast, as Knowledge Café remote facilitator (European Space Agency, The World Bank Group, etc.). I also did voice over for a KM project with “Because you need to know”.

Training younger generations I made a video for Professor Eric Tsui’s where I answered some questions to address his students in pursuing a KM career.

KM global networks: I am a member of ‘KM4DEV Core Group’ (focus on non-profit) and of the ‘SIKM Leaders’ global communities. #KMLobby #KMlobbyist

Note: you can find those videos on my IN profile.

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